By Anonymous - 15/10/2013 17:08 - United States - San Francisco

Today, after months of exercise and diets and finally reaching my ideal weight, I told my morbidly obese cousin about my success, hoping to motivate him to do the same. He replied, "Why would it matter, you're still ugly." FML
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He's just jealous. Don let it get to you. Good job on your success!

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Nice cousin you got there


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Nice cousin you got there

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At least OP would survive a zombie apocalypse

Sounds just like my best friend.. I have been losing weight and getting healthier and she has been nothing but negative to me because she doesn't want me to be smaller than her. You never realize the true nature of people until you start changing for the better.

right. it's better to be ugly than a complete asshole.

It will matter when you be rolling up with the chicks ;)

Lol... Should've had a v8

I understand that she just wanted to help but if you go up to someone who weighs a lot more than you and tell them about your weight loss, it might have just come off as bragging. maybe he was just getting defensive? (abeit in a really mean way)

@42 You have to be able to pull your own weight before you can pull bitches.

You cousin is really rude... Good job OP your awesome for doing that! And it sounds like she doesn't want to try cause she knows she'll still be ugly.

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Umm... Both are male. >_>"

I think like he was just trying to have his cousins best interest at heart. Not at all bragging

Op might have had his cousin's best interest at heart, but to someone overweight... I am sure he has heard the same song and dance before. Op comes up to him, saying "look at how fit I am, you should be like me" and of course he would react in a negative way.

I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly

Don't make me snap my fingers!

He's just jealous. Don let it get to you. Good job on your success!

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ya I don't think we know the whole story op. if you normally brag about yourself then you sound annoying and I'd say the same thing to you if you were telling me how much weight youve lost. no one likes a cocky stuck up person always throwing their success in your face.

I'm sure you're not, chin up OP, and grats on your awesome feat

Now would be a perfect time to chin up, considering he probably only has one now

How are you so sure op isn't ugly? As much as people would like you to believe it, not everyone is beautiful.

That depends very much on your point of view - everyone has someone out there who will think they are beautiful. And OP probably just widened that pool a little!

What's that I smell? A hater with hint of BBQ sauce from last nights mcdonalds

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Screw you're cousin

Actually there's not a single state in the union where it's illegal to have sex with or marry a first cousin. As of a year or so ago, at least.

23, and you know this, because...?

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West Va it is illegal.

23's picture kinda explains it...

that is surprising to me, 36

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Congrats! Get his fat ass motivated!

his jealousy makes him ugly. hold your head up high, OP!

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And his fat rolls. Those aren't helping his image either

Awe, The stench of Hateraide is strong with this one. No worries OP Hatets make you famous. Oh look, you're already published. lolz.

And he will still be fat. Jealously is a terrible thing.

Unhappy people try to make others unhappy. Congrats on your success. I hope your cousin finds his motivation.