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Today, I got head lice, so I went to a store to buy medicated shampoo. When checking out the cashier saw my shampoo and asked me to leave immediately to protect the other customers. He didn't let me buy the shampoo. FML
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Next time grab the shampoo and make a run for it... "To protect the other customers" lol

I'm pretty sure he's not allowed to do that. You left without asking for the manager?


Next time grab the shampoo and make a run for it... "To protect the other customers" lol

Who sells a product that he didn't even let her buy?

38, that shampoo is just there to make the pharmacy look complete! it's not actually intended for purchase... obviously. I really don't get why head lice are such a big deal in the US. You just might get them sometimes, so what? They're a little itchy and not that hard to get rid of. They don't have as much to do with hygiene than to do with luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time (your hair touching the wrong other person's hair). It is at best comparable to a cold. What's the paranoia with lice? Might as well separate yourselves from anyone who's ever coughed.

You should have rubbed your head and then reached out and rubbed his head. Then tell him to get out to protect everyone else.

72, I think a lot of people think that head lice is due to bad hygiene, which it isn't, but it has a bad stigma to it.

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#72, while having lice isn't a serious or life-threatening concern, it is still a massive inconvenience and just plain miserable. And it can be rather difficult to get rid of due to their minuscule size and large numbers. Not to mention the hassle of eradicating them from every piece of clothing, bedding, furniture, pillows, and whatever else the infested person may have come in contact with. And if there are multiple people, especially children, living in the same home it will just increase the chances of it spreading and you having to do all of that work over and over again for each person. THAT is why people make such a big deal about lice.

That's so illegal! It's not like lice jump from head, your heads have to be touching. Should of said it was for there kid or something.

I'm not sure what festering pit you live in, but no, they aren't common and are a huge deal if you're not a little kid (and sometimes they are then, too). They're not easy to get rid of either, because they're becoming immune to the treatment shampoos. I was one step away from being shaved bald back in the third grade because nothing worked - I missed three weeks of school (they kept sending me home) and because of the stigma, it severely affected my social life in school.

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@99 - Lice do actually jump/crawl off your head and spread to others' heads that way. You don't have to touch heads or use infected brushes to get lice, but just be around someone with lice. I know because I had lice once back when I was a child that a friend gave to me during a sleepover (separate beds right next to each other) - we found one of the lice hanging out on my bedpost and I ended up with a lice infection after that, but we never shared brushes or touched heads or anything (I am OCD about that kind of thing). My mother warned my school so they would check my classmates for lice - apparently, they will not send you home for lice eggs in your hair (as I still had at the time, though I was being treated with the nasty-smelling shampoo), only if they find any lice walking around. It is ridiculous that the OP couldn't buy the shampoo, though!

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that's disgusting. I hope to God you're not speaking from experience

Slightly overdramatic response don't you think?

Oh, c'mon, that was funny. She was clearly making a joke.

Do pardon my unnecessarily dramatic reply. im sure head lice make awesome friends

I don't think lonliness is her main concern...

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Go to another store, buy shampoo, check out, rinse and repeat OP.

That or Op could just shave their head, problem solved.

I hear Amazon sells anything from lice shampoo to sex toys. I know the second from a third party telling me, I swear!

Maybe if you buy head lice shampoo, they'll chuck in a free dildo?

Wizardo 33

Probably depends on what kind of lice shampoo you were looking for cos pubic lice and dildos have some correlation... just saying.

Amazon ad: The best shampoo to get rid of lice! The best part, in addition to the best shampoo, you get a FREE vibrator!

I'm pretty sure he's not allowed to do that. You left without asking for the manager?

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You're correct, he's not allowed to do that. And lice aren't spread by standing next to someone in a checkout line.

Actually the cashier might be allowed to do that depending on where they are in the US.....In Missouri we have the right to refuse service to act customer at any time

#21, while it is probably within the cashier's legal right to refuse service, it is probably not ok with management! Generally speaking, unless the op was being dangerous or disruptive, most companies don't approve of their cashiers sending away business without a legitimate reason.

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Along that, the cashier had no valid proof that OP had the head lice. For all he knew, OP could have been buying the shampoo for somebody else.

Why are they even selling lice shampoo if no one is allowed to buy it "to protect the other customers"?! Seems a bit stupid to me.

And how can he get rid of them when he can't go in the store to buy shampoo?

You should've rubbed the shampoo bottle in your hair and tell the cashier it's infested now.

Try another store, preferably one that has a self-checkout lane so you won't have to put up with crap!

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That's a good idea!

my2centsworth 15

That's a good idea!

35/36: It's interesting how little people want to hear your 2 cents worth, especially considering your names.

my2centsworth 15

I know, right? My feelings are irreparably damaged because my entire sense of self worth is tied up in the opinion of the faceless masses on the Internet. Woe is me. Oh, and I still think she had a good idea.

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I can't believe some people are such wussies that they put up with that kind of crap.

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You should have went to the manager and reported him. That douchenozzle should be fired.

You should still report him OP, save someone else from getting that horrible treatment. What an arsehole!

Actually, stores have the right to ban anyone unless there's a law protecting the reason. (Age, gender, etc.) There is no law protecting for head lice so there's no law being broken here. Yes, the employee should be fired, but that's a manager-issue, not a legal one.

You aren't entirely correct, Penguin. Many courts have ruled that companies cannot "arbitrarily" refuse service - they have to have a genuine business interest to protect by refusing service. As head live is not as easily communicable as the cashier seems to think, health and safety probably wouldn't cut it as being a legitimate reason in this case.

Call cooperate and complain.

You mean corporate?