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Today, I saw my boyfriend after not seeing him for 7 months. During this time I have lost a lot of weight and am proud of it. My boyfriend didn't say anything about the lost weight. When we were alone and things started to heat up, he took off my bra and said "I think your tits are smaller." FML
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maybe he didn't care how you looked before and was in love with your personality.

Get surgery to make your dick bigger, nobody likes small dicks ;)


damn you... now I'm wondering what happened to the FML's #2. OP, he just misses the cushion. That or his regular motorboat rides.

uhm wtf, men aren't that attentive to details, my male friends never notice much what i'm wearing or anything, they usually can just tell wether i'm hot in it or not, females remember the clothes you wear, the jewelery, the detail... if the guy didnt say anything about the weight its that he didnt notice, she was probably hotter when she had a lil bit more curves anyways, girls always wanna lose weight even when they're already skinny.

That's a terrible stereotype, I'm a 17 year old male, and I am ALWAYS attentive to my girlfriend and always have been.

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umm, ok im confused, cuz as a guy i try not to mention it when people gain weight (because thats rude), or when people lose weight (because that implies that they were fat before), i do think he shouldnt have said that about your **** though, but your life is not ******, grats on the weightloss

Get surgery to make your dick bigger, nobody likes small dicks ;)

What an ass. Think of some witty comment you can say before dumping him.

no screwtyler is right!! that girl should get a plastic surgery

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wtf? Did you have like daddy issues growing up or something? Because something is seriously wrong with you.

this is what i tell myself all the time too

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No. But, maybe you had daddy issues growing up since you have to mention it about me.

screwtaylor, I think she should splurge and make them both bigger. Have you ever seen a woman with a big, plastic fake boob next to her real mini-mound? It'll ruin your erection faster than a swarm of fire ants on your pecker!

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wow.. burnn.. you are so good taylor

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#28 Yes, I meant to say that but I forgot to put the 's' at the end of the word. :P And #29, your insult about my father wasn't any better.

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im just saying, maybe you dont have to be so bitchy about everything while people are feeling down.

Not for me. The one time I was with a girl that had them, they were too hard. Overheard on the high-school marching band bus: He: Oh, you've got such big ****! They feel awesome. She: You're squeezing my belly.

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toink, you are an outlier (a polite term for "freak"). If screwtaylor wanted to be more precise, she would have said that the vast majority of heterosexual men are not sexually attracted to flat-chested women. She's lucky that I like her, because I can think of some comebacks that would make her hate me and make abbymybowl an instant fan of mine.

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haha fire ants on your pecker.

I know quite a few guys besides myself who like 'em small. Screw you guys. Although big chicks do need lovin' too. :-)

I happen to like flat chests as well, thank you very much. =3

congratulations that you like flat chests, that doesn't change the fact that most guys don't like flat chested girls

I'm a girl, I like girls with boobs smaller than a D. Also, fake boobs are ******* nasty,

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Why do people think fat chicks are ugly, but have no problem with lumps of fat hanging off their chest?

Wow what a douchebag. After he said that you should have said how it looks like his dick got smaller too and dumped him.

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when you lose weight, your breasts do tend to get smaller. he noticed that and simply made an observation? It doesn't even suggest that he said it in a negative way or pulled away from her or broke up with her or anything, he just pointed out an objective fact. What? Guys can't do that anymore? Girls can be WAY too sensitive/stupid sometimes (and I'm a girl so I can say this).

I think the main point of the FML wasn't just that he said they were smaller but that he only noticed them and not the rest of her body.

So you have heard only one thing this person has said and you think your ready to decide whether she should dump him or not.

I agree with you and i'm also a girl. People are overeacting like as if he puked on her when he saw her boobs, he did not, he was still turned on my her '' things started to heat up'' she said, he was merely stating a fact that he realised only at that moment.

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YDI for wanting him to comment on your weight. What with how ridiculously offended women get at any tiny mention of weight - look at how whiny you are about him commenting that your breasts are smaller - are you really surprised? I wouldn't probably ever mention how you looked for fear of setting you off.

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Read the first sentence of ur comment and hit dislike

she didnt tell him about the weight lose, she was hoping he'd notice!! he did notice the weight lose in her boobs though!

I made this account just to agree with #8 100%. Couldn't have said any of it better myself.

Must agree again. Well... except that she must have been fat beforehand and that he was a chubby chaser. You must realize that many women are, for some psycho reason, ... psycho about their weight. She may have been perfectly fine but felt the need to get even skinnier, which is probably why her breasts were reduced as well. Everything else though is a big YES... Don't change for your significant other, they dated THAT you for a reason! If you suddenly feel a need for change for another reason, I guess go ahead, but don't expect them to immediately love it, especially if it's a big change. But if they keep trying to make you change, then get rid of them. No point in dating someone if you don't like how they are... But oh well, OP, about your boobs. If you're happy with as you are now, that's great. If your boyfriend suddenly decides you're not good enough just due to a bit of shrinking, then that's a good sign he's no good for you. After all, you would think he would think more of you than your boobs. But you can't expect him to not be a little disappointed. That's guys, and how your boob fits in his hand is something he's come to know well. Don't take it too horribly personally. So long as you still have some hang, he should feel satisfied.

Don't agree entirely. Generally people are willing to tolerate certain flaws in their SO, so it's not illogical that the bf might prefer skinnier girls but dated the OP anyway since he was still reasonably attracted to her at her weight then even though he would prefer less fat.

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@ no. 8 Why girls can't accept the fact that guys want them to look and act the same way as when they first started dating? Well, about the looks. Ever thought that she didn't started exercising and eating right for the sake of the guy, but in order for her to feel better about herself? Who cares what the guy thinks of the way she looks, as long as the girl is happy about herself. People change, my friend - and you're probably not an exception yourself...

So if you started dating a girl when she was 20 years old, and you were with her for 5'd really expect her to be the same weight and size, have the same clothing and hairstyle that she had when she was in college? I feel bad for the unfortunate women who wind up dating you.

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What if someone were to shave his ass, put on a thong and anonymously email you a picture of that ass? Would a guy like you jerk off to it?

number 50 I love you lol. Youre 100% right on this, when i read number 8 i wanted to puke on him lol, If someone works out to get in a better shape its usually because they are feeling low and don't like themselves the way they are and its not because some guy has a fat fetish that i would continue being fat just to please him, no way.

If you worked hard to lose a lot of weight, wouldn't you want people to notice?

maybe he didn't care how you looked before and was in love with your personality.

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Boobs that fit your body are 10,000x more attractive than ones that are huge but look like they outweigh you. Small body-medium body with small-medium boobs is way better than small-medium body with super huge ones. Pretty much every friend I have agrees with me on this (I'm talking about my guy friends, the girls are actually more obsessed with sized because they think we are).

Thank you, 27. You know, I find it strange I'm one of the few girls I've met who loves her boobs. They are apparently below average (average is a C cup, apparently), but I don't care, because if they were bigger, they would just look damned weird. I like how they look, and how I look; I'm actually quite proud of my own body. I don't wish for bigger boobs, or smaller boobs for that matter. I don't know why people do.

Average is actually more along the lines of D or DD, as most women wear cup sizes too small for them.

Dude, I seriously doubt everyone has giant ****. What little fantasy world do YOU live in? You can't squeeze into a C bra if you're DD. And, you don't know a lot, do you? Many women actually wear PADDED BRAS to look bigger, too. You can't just judge by "well a lot of women wear small bras when they're actually bigger" because the reverse is also true. Also, I actually decided to look it up: "According to the information we have available, here's how average breast size in America breaks down: •AA cup: 2% •A cup: 15% •B cup: 44% •C cup: 28% •D cup: 10% •DD cup: 1% " "Similar data about the increase in average breast size comes from the UK, where busts grew from 36B to 36C between 1997 and 1999. According to The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior, breasts across Asia grew from 34A to 34C between 1980 and 2000. It seems that the average breast size is increasing around the world." These two quotes come from Also, on my original assumption, I was remembering an episode of MANswers, where they announced the average breast size was also a C (don't know the specific number, though). (The question was "Why has the average boob size increased from a #B to a #C in the past 20 years?") "The average breast size in America has recently increased from 34B to 36C. This coincides with the increase in dress size. The fashion industry typically designed clothes for a size eight, B-cup woman. With the obesity epidemic, the average American female wears size 14 or 16. No surprises here. Breast size is determined by fatty tissue. The more fatty tissue in your breasts, the bigger they are. In essence, naturally large breasts are nothing more than fat deposits." This one is apparently from research done by Vanderbilt University It also of course explains why OP lost her boobies ;P (though all we women already knew that) (However MANswers attributed the change instead to hormones in certain foods, which also sounds reasonable) I can pull up more, but I don't think you'd care to read.

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Why are girls attacted to wads of muscle?

What I meant about the padded bras (damn edit limits) I don't just mean bras that are a certain cup size but they were padded, I was also speaking of stuffing, or chicks who generally let their boobs flop about in a bigger cup so they appear bigger (though definitely saggier, aheh..)

Thanks for looking that up, Wulf. Also, super models with virtually no boob at all would look ridiculous if they had anything bigger than A cups. A friend of mine has a model's body and barely even needs a bra, and she's perfectly happy with her body.

I agree. I doubt I have a supermodel body, but I am pretty skinny and I wear a 36DD...the result is that I plain simply can't wear certain types of shirts or tops that accent my boobs because it looks so ridiculous. I'd rather have them a little bit smaller but oh well...

DameGreyWolf, I plotted the data you cited on a Normal Distribution Curve and it looks like a bodacious boob! Puolukka, send us some pics and we'll be happy to give you expert opinions! ;)

Yeah I'm a C after gaining some weight, but my little A boobs were much perkier and easier to deal with.

LOL!!!!!! average boobs are B cups, I think you don't understand what boob sizes are cause you make no sence, I have C cups and my boobs are bigger than at least 80% of my female friends, I know one girl who wears DD and maybe two who wear D, it's very very rare, the one who wears DD is very very fat.

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I'm an E. 44E baby, and proud of it.

agreed. he prob likes that much smaller r we talking about tho?

Well, I know after I lost weight, mine got smaller but a lot perkier, so at least there's that? And that was kind of douchey for him to say, but douchiness comes with being male.

Pimpin88 is probably right. Some guys (like him, obviously) like skinny girls, but there's quite a few guys out there who like them bigger, too. Guys who are breast men often date bigger girls because they usually have bigger breasts! He was probably disappointed by your major weight loss which is why he didn't comment, but then when he saw the smaller breasts just couldn't keep quiet anymore. What you do now depends on what size you feel more comfortable and healthy at. If you like a skinnier you, you may have to put up with the fact that he won't be as attracted to you and might even dump you. Keep in mind though, if you two break up, and you start dating a guy who likes skinny girls, and then you can't keep up your diet/exercise regimen (it's hard to keep it up forever!) you WILL gain the weight back and be in the exact same position with your new bf!