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By anon - 17/09/2019 22:00

Today, my boyfriend encouragingly told me that he could tell I was losing weight, all because I had one roll fewer than usual on my stomach. FML
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You're my roll model!


You're my roll model!


Hey, it’s progress right? No points for smooth though.

Why is it so ridiculously easy to say the wrong thing around girls? We men are simple creatures, please cut us a break.

You should be grateful. Most of us guys never notice these things in the first place. You should be lucky to have found one who is attentive...

How is this an FML? You are losing weight to improve your appearance, health, and self esteem right? Yes he could have been more tactful, but some guys aren't. The main thing is he noticed, he was encouraging AND apparently proud of you. Maybe the FML should be his, because he has a Girlfriend who doesn't know what the fuck she wants, but no matter what he says or does, he's going to be wrong. That's a shitty way to make someone live, that you supposedly care about.