By sociallyawkward - 26/03/2014 18:06 - United Kingdom - Egham

Today, I faced my social anxiety and went to a chip shop on my own. I tried to have a conversation with the owner, but his thick accent made it difficult. He now knows where I live, what college I go to and I'm pretty sure I agreed to go to India with him. FML
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Since you're now friends, get him to give you free chips

Well have fun in India I guess


Since you're now friends, get him to give you free chips

whiskeey 14

India sounds fun!

At least you accomplished something :) although maybe next time don't divulge so much information to a random stranger haha.

What's a chip shop?

falon142012 22

49, Seeing as this is the UK, I'm guessing it's a little cafe type things that sells french fries. Aka, chips.

Sometimes it's hard to not divulge a lot/ramble when you're trying to get over anxiety. You tend to overcompensate for how nervous you are by being overly friendly and that can lead to word-vomit. Next time try to be a little more selective with what you share, OP! Good luck on your battle though, I also have social anxiety and I know how "normal" things can be a struggle. You can do it :)

skulltorn 8

Well 52, seeing as 49 is American, I understand that he doesn't know what the **** a chip shop is. I didn't know either until I saw your sarcastic toned comment.

They were just trying to help I think... :c

falon142012 22

Yes, 65 I was trying to help. I'm American too, and I wasn't being sarcastic. Sad day when people automatically assume someone is being rude. Lol. I seriously meant it as "seeing as it's the UK I'm guessing it's a french fry place."

64- Wow, way to bring the assholery to a whole new level. Really expressing your American spirit. Does being American really excuse ignorance? That being said, there was a minuscule chance it was an American style chip shop, selling fresh chips, which if you've never tried, should. "Chips" can be called "crisps" in the UK I think, correct me if I'm wrong :)

Wow, I need to travel more. I didn't know what a chip shop was either. So that's all they sell? French fries? Why are these not in America??

We have some in Canada, partially because poutine is crazy awesome, and they also sell those, but fries are a major ingredient in that. Usually shops like that branch out though, like fish and chips kind of deal.

#82 they sell chips (fries) but they're really chunky ones not like skinny mcdonalds chips, battered fish, battered sausage, burgers etc. Some sell kebabs and pizzas, some are run by Chinese people and sell Chinese food too, and if you're really lucky you find ones that sell Mars bars in batter.

falon142012 22

69, I think that's right too. Chips like lays potato chips are called crisps and "chips" means big hunks of potato as a fry. And can't cookies be called biscuits?

Open up a chip shop in India!

Well have fun in India I guess

I was born in India!! It's FUN!!

Just avoid the mosquitoes.

And be careful of the traffic.

And be careful of the food. Western stomachs are not accustomed to such fiery foods.

So what? You don't have mosquitoes where you're from? Thanks for the stereotype. NOT.

98- There are a LOT of Mosquitos in India. A lot more than America or the UK. It isn't a stereotype. You are very smart- NOT!

#28: It depends on which city you visit. My sister went on a rotary trip a few years back and ended up staying in a hotel that would make the Russian hotels look like the Hilton. She was mooned at a restaurant by more than one man who shouted that American politics and citizens aren't welcome in India. She was left in the middle of nowhere in a hot van for about an hour when she was trying to get to a meeting with the rest of the rotary members. I can't remember which city she was in, but for reference, she planned to stay for a month; she ended up coming home after three days.

Sorry to hear that!! But I guess she was just treated bad! My family owns a house in India so I don't have to depend on people to take me to places! But yeah hospitality sucks in India!! Unless you are staying with a family instead of a hotel! Because I took a friend to India with me and she loved it because I was there taking care of her! But as I said hospitality is not so good in India (well in some part of India).

ktiskool 18

Well hey, free trip!

Only if he pays for her! That's what friends are for, I guess.

Yeah....I don't think so. I wouldn't pay for a $500 or whatever trip for pretty much anyone, not to mention people I just met. Pay their own ticket!

justagirl1998 10

Who said it was free?

It's ok, OP, I'll be your friend. You might just spill your bank account number and password to me.

Did you set up an arranged marriage too?

If you set up your own arranged marriage, is it still arranged?

@43 You just blew my mind..

Have fun in India!

You should start packing...

It's always good to be friendly with the chip shop owner. for economic reasons. ;)

ThomasBombadil 31

Why stop with chip shop owners?

Because chips are all one needs for true happiness? :D

Forgive me, but what kind of chips do you mean?

The kind you play poker with.

Oh I see! Thanks!

On the offchance that this isn't sarcasm/some attempt at wit chip shops are places that sell you food with "fries" on the side, such as battered fish/sausages, or curries or other things like that. Chips are thicker than french fries and more soft, I'd say.

#17 Chips can be a whole meal by themselves. And battered makes it sound a lot more posh than the fish actually is

Never heard of chips as the whole meal before, I guess it's different here in Northern Ireland. Well how do you guys batter your fish/sausages?

#25 Flour and salt basically

Ihavegas 22

beer batter or a little vinegar in the mix. add some tumeric to the cod or haddock n garam masala in the batter for spicy twist on battered fish. mmmmm.

DrownedMyFish 18

Wow, I'm glad you guys cleared that one up. I forgot that fries are called chips in other areas. I am a little sad though. I was really hoping there was some kind of store that was dedicated to selling nothing but Doritos.

simplysarcastics 26

All you guys have managed to make me hungry °_°

Seems really strange sometimes to realise how different things are. In Australia chip shop or chippy is a regular part of out vocabulary.

TheDrifter 23

In Canada we pour gravy and cheese curds on top and call it poutine. Because deep fried potatoes were just too healthy.

Poutine is the BEST!

Well now you know facing the awkwardness gets you free trips while you get chips... Congrats on facing your fears (: