By gretel - 16/09/2010 13:17 - Australia

Today, I'd finally reached my goal weight. I went into the office where my husband was, to show him the new size 8 jeans I'd bought. He responded with "I wouldn't buy any more clothes, you'll be putting the weight back on again soon." FML
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green_eyes124 0

Prove him wrong girl, he's a jerk : )

Two possibilities: A) He's insecure now that OP's improved her appearance— and more importantly, has gained confidence— that he's got to tear her self-esteem down to keep her to himself or to make himself feel better about his own flaws, or B) He's a total douche. Sorry OP; don't let him steal your pride in yourself.


green_eyes124 0

Prove him wrong girl, he's a jerk : )

this^ is the attitude to go for :)

Naah girls with weight problems will eventually stay fat.

green_eyes124 0

 not nice and also not true! Usually people that work their butts off to lose weight try their hardest to no go back to the weight they were.

MissErikaHart 0

well he's prolly right so make sure u try ur best to keep the weight off...maybe take it to another level and go down to a size 6.

Keep it off girl <3 and get a nicer boyfriend. :)

Tasanasanta 0

Husband... not boyfriend.

MissErikaHart 0

don't keep the weight off for him tho, do it for urself now!

green_eyes124 0

It was her husband and you don't just go out and get a nicer one of those. She'll have to have a chat with him and explain a few things and tell her how she feels and go from there. Marriage takes work sometimes. : )

mesnugglez 0

agree with number 1!

iSitt 0

majority of weight losers gain it back for a lifetime of yo-yoing weight. that's cause once they hit their target they slack off. almost all those on fad diets gain it back.

DineshKarthikesu 0

Hmm.. seems like he dropped a huge load of weight on you.

b_anhero 0

it's cool that you dropped the weight and all, but are you sure it was a good idea to go toddling up to his place of employment to bounce around in your new, cute jeans? i mean, jesus. show him your new lingerie at home, or meet him for drinks in a kickass black dress. you sound like a needy freaktard.

I'm wondering if she actually went to his work or if he has an office in their home that she went in to, because she doesn't say she went to the office where he works, just the office he was in.

joolz_au 2

All you ppl who are saying size 8 is huge need to grow a brain, OP is from Australia and the sizing of clothes here is different to the sizing of clothes in the us for example....size 6 over here is like size 0 over there so why don't you all get a clue! Also, OP has said that she has reached her GOAL weight which means that she is in a healthy weight range not an annorexic weight range. OP keep up the good work and don't let that knob of a husband keep your mind off your goal, take his credit card and go buy yourself some new clothes

59 it didn't say once that she was on a diet. You don't have to to lose weight

#88 Even a size 8 in the US isn't "fat."

MissErikaHart 0

isn't "fat" lol, per se?

maybe he meant because she may be pregnant in the near future?

If someone was obese and they got down to a US size 8 I would still applaud them. I've lost 3 lb in the last 2 months, trying to get back to the weight I was in high school, and it is hard. Just remember OP, keeping the weight off is a huge lifestyle change, but you also have to enjoy things in moderation, or you will end up bingeing. You want to enjoy life anyway, so everything in moderation!

I agree prove him wrong, though I would have bitch slapped him and then gone on to prove him wrong.

What a supportive husband haha

Graawr 7

I agree with 1 and 2 prove him wrong. And make his jaw drop of your sexiness. :D

& refuse to put out until he apologizes :-)

honestlove11 0

just saying, I'm 5'7, 146 lbs, a size 9-11 jeans depending what store due to my big butt, and about 10 lbs of my weight is boobs, I have a mostly flat tummy and in my opinion I look awesome. I'm a soccer player so my legs are muscle. my boyfriend thinks I'm hot and is always grabbing at my butt :) and I get hit on, whistled at ect by the most random guys. so. stfu to all of you losers on this sight saying above a 9 are fat. cuz unlike you, some girls have curves without the build of a 12 yr old boy. end rant.

honestlove11 0

ps this isn't directed to any of the above comments. a stupid girl just commented below somewhere her size 0 is hotter than ops 8

wDeemish 0

yeah prove him wrong

somebody's not gettin' any lovin' for a while. way to go and FHL.

xundria 5

don't take it to heart. Also, at least he loves you for who you are not what you are

ifyouseekamy666 0

9 ur quuute ;D

UhOh...That is mean. Bitter about your weight much? If he is a jerk about everything like that, it is still not a fyl. You may not even be with him 3 years from now, or even 3 months~

iamchuck 0

Somebody has been down to their desired weight before.

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lil_miss_blair 0

next time you and your hubby go out, wear a sexy tight fitting outfit and flirt with another guy. that'll show him.

killabee 0

That will show him what exactly?

MissErikaHart 0

lil miss Blair. it says on ur thing u wanna b a model. that's great! I actually do some modeling myself. FYI u should always b paid to get ur pics taken. there's lots of professional and amateur photographers that will make a portfolio for you for free. some will even compensate u. just letting u know cuz I kno a lot of girls that paid good money for pics when they could've been paid, or at least gotten pics done for free

size 8 is a little big to wear a skin tight outfit in. unless the op has a big bone structure.

MissErikaHart 0

big bones...? have u ever seen a big skeleton? there's no such thing. just big bodies wrapped around those bones.

130- what are you even on about? Size 8 is perfect to wear a skin tight outfit in, IN AUSTRALIA we have different sizes.. as stated earlier a size 8 in Aus is very tiny!