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Today, I proudly informed my boyfriend that I am now a size 4, down from an 18, after months of dieting and exercising after he told me he would like me to be a size 6. He broke up with me for "not listening to what he wanted" and "being an overachiever". FML
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What a d bag. He should be grateful. Good job.

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Congrats on losing all that weight! You definitely deserve better than that treatment though.


What a d bag. He should be grateful. Good job.

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YDI for giving 110% lmfao jk

grats on your diet but a size 4 is nasty skinny.

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No it's not! Not at all! That's pretty healthy. You sound insecure in your comment.

Nasty skinny? If your defnition of nasty skinny is looking slim & sexy while still having curves, that's pretty effed. I wear a size 4 and I'm nowhere near what you'd call rail thin (5'5, 127lbs). Anything < size 2 would be crossing the line, IMO...but size 4/6 is perfect.

Ok I forgot to mention size varies with different clothes you wear. You can be a size 8 in shorts but wear an extra small t-shirt. GENERALLY speaking though most girls who are less than size 2 (in everything) are too thin..

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I'm 5'1 and 109 pounds, I eat like a pig but don't gain weight, and I range from a size 0 to 1/2 in jeans and shorts...I am thin but nowhere near nasty skinny. Sorry if some chubby girls are trying to feel better about themselves by insulting healthy people.

yup, im size 0-1, and saying "nasty skinny " is just as bad as saying a size 8-10 is "******* obese" of course, im only 14, but still , theres no difference.

Theres also the size difference of what country you're in. If you're a size 2-4 in the US/Canada, chances are you're a 6-10 (I'm not quite sure of the exact difference) in the UK. =)

Actually, its all very dependent on body type.

pixie, in canada thats not true. unless your clothes are american, when i go down to america, nothing fits me. Canada isnt as obese as america.

There IS a difference between a 14 year old and a fully developed (22 years plus) woman.

Actually, Canada uses the same measuring system as the UK. The States is the only one that's different.

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#106 you don't sound healthy at all. You say you eat like a pig but you don't gain weight, well you are probably fat on the inside. You should get your cholesterol checked out. I knew a girl who was disgustingly thin who ate like a PIG and never gained weight, sure enough she was a fatty on the inside and had to take medicine for her high cholesterol.

or they are just really small/short. I have met girls who have weight to them visually, but their bone structure is just really small so they were double 00's. it's weird, but they are healthy.

wtf are you talking about? there's a difference between UK and US sizing, a US 4 is a UK8, which is a small. UK6 is a size US2, being extra small and a UK4 would be a US size 0, which is extra, extra small. it's not that they use different numbers because people in each country is bigger, or whatever. it's just the measurement system they use.

I find that vaguely offensive. I'm 5'7 and 145, I wear a size 6-8... Just because I don't wear size 4 or whatever suddenly means I'm chubby? And by that, being chubby means being unhealthy? There is also a thing as being unhealthy skinny, and losing weight unhealthy fast... And my doctor says I have a near perfect BMI. I mean, congrats on losing the weight... But make sure you're still eating a health amount of food... health amounts of healthy food.

Wow.....just wow... usually I agree with people when the tell the OP to lose some weight when it's obvious that they need to. But this!?! This is unjustifiable! What the hell was wrong with your boyfriend? I assuming he was just looking for an excuse to brake up with you. You lost the weight and I congratulate you for your success. I never say this, but you deserve a lot better than him.

are u serious, im like a size 1.... and i acctually cant get any fatter. a size 4 is perfect. his a jerk ignore him, ur better off :D

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Size 4 is Nasty Skinny? what are you, a size 44?

Sure...but what does that mean?! When I was 14 I was 5'6'' and weighed about 110 lbs, now I'm 22, I'm still 5'6'' and I only weigh 5 lbs more, making it 115 lbs. The only difference is that my boobs and my butt got a little more round...and I'm nowhere near "stick skinny and nasty"

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I'm 18, and just because I eat a lot doesn't mean i'm gorging on fast food every night like you. I eat healthy food for the most part, just a lot of it. And I swim, ski and surf. I'm such an unhealthy skinny freak *eye roll*

Right. I'm size 0~2, down from 4~6 last year. The number of people checking out my butt has dramatically increased. Men just say they think 0~2 are too thin. The reality is they already bought into the media standards and think thin is beautiful. I'm 5'7" and 125 lbs, no where near "underweight".

well, I'm 5'0 and 102 pounds and I can't go over a size 2 in things because it'll be too big. I'm not a stick. I have well-defined muscles from bike riding every day and I have a flat stomach. I'm just short and thin :)

@ #106 Thank you! Seriously. I'm 5'3", 106 lbs and a size 1/0 and I don't look "nastily skinny". I love how it's considered rude and looked down upon to talk bad about overweight people, but it's fine to bash thin people.

you are thinking american sizes!! in Britain size 4 is anorexic!!

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That really depends on the person's height and bone structure. My cousin is a size 0 and she is not too skinny, she is a very healthy weight. I am tall and have a large bone structure. I don't think I could fit a size 0 if I literally starved to death; my bones are bigger than that.

im size 36-38 weight round 178lbl 6'2 oh im a 15 year old dude btw

those who throw the first stone should first make sure they are without sin.

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Not an FML. You're better off without that manipulator. Plus, you look hot! Where's the bad.

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Congrats on losing all that weight! You definitely deserve better than that treatment though.

Oh she will with that body op's ex is one of the biggest retards I've seen on fml

Part of me wants to say YDI for losing weight just because your boyfriend told you to. That's a sign he's not the best guy. It's good to be at a healthy weight but you should put the effort in for yourself, not someone else. However, I think your boy was just using your weight as an excuse and probably didn't want to be with you regardless. He'd just an ass so forget him, you'll find someone better. And at least all your dieting and hard work paid off, with or without him. :] So I'm gonna say FYL and YDI for this one.

Did you ever think that maybe she was unhappy with her weight and just needed a little extra push to start exercising and caring for her body better? I really hope you're not one of those "bitter and proud" fat chicks that despises anybody who really wants to better themselves by losing excess weight. There's nothing attractive about being obese, regardless of what people want to believe. Unless you have a LEGITIMATE medical condition that causes you to gain excess weight no matter what you do, you are a fatty and deserve all the shit people give you.

"It's good to be at a healthy weight but you should put the effort in for yourself, not someone else." Clearly you are one of those people who do no read a person's post thoroughly, as I mentioned right there that I agree with maintaining a healthy weight and find it important, but that it should be done for the person losing the weight, not some one else. Also, you might want to refrain from making false accusations, as I'm not even overweight in the least, never mind obese, and I DO encourage people to be healthy. I'd also like to point out that the OP mentioned that she began losing the weight after her boyfriend said he'd like to see her at a size 6, implying that he was the motivation for her weight loss--Hence my comment about not losing weight for someone else's sake. True, she could have wanted to lose weight for a while and this was the extra push, but it seems that her boyfriend's opinion is what ultimately made her decide to lose weight rather than her own motivation for a healthy body. I'm all for people losing weight to reach a healthy size, but I wouldn't advise doing so just because your boyfriend/girlfriend wants you to. That's all I was trying to say, not that losing weight is bad in general.

What? No. Nobody "deserves" to take shit from people regardless of their pants size.

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You very obviously fail at life. This was insensitive and crude, and just plain wrong. There are cultures that prefer a chubby woman to an anorexic one. Which is besides the point; you replied to a comment talking about OP losing weight for OP, instead of for OP's boyfriend. I think that #4/36 took the words right out of my mouth, I was going to say the same thing. People like you are incredibly annoying. You spoke intellectually but... seriously... opinions like that are just crass. The world's ****** up but doesn't mean ya gotta add to the hatred. Especially with something like weight... where the topic is incredibly sensitive for people who ARE in fact overweight.

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so you whine about the sensitivity of overweight people, yet call thin girls "anorexic." okay...

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Sorry to butt in, but I know what you're saying. Because socially speaking, thin women are considered to be attractive while fat/chubby women are not, people feel it's alright to say things like "omg anorexic omg" etc. It's like criticizing anything mainstream. While criticizing people who are overweight is considered "insensitive", like criticizing a minority group. But the point was, the OP was implying that she lost weight because her boyfriend suggested that it was what he wanted - to imply that it was that "extra push" towards something she "already wanted" is an inference you can't really make. I absolutely do think people should be healthy/maintain a healthy weight, and I'm glad that the OP did it. However, the means by which she came to that decision show, as far as her story proves, a weakness in character that would suggest that she 'deserves' to be dumped. In other words, it's the wrong means to get to a good end. also - @ kaleid0scopeeyes: you said in your previous post that you "eat like a pig" and are still thin. I'm not implying that you're unhealthy, but in general, just because someone IS thin does not mean that they are healthy. (But again, being fat pretty much does imply that you're unhealthy. I'm just saying, especially with young people with faster metabolisms, it's not a given)

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Alright, forgive me. I take back the term anorexic. That was blunt of me, and I didn't mean to be crude like that. Sorry.

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That's ****** up to say and really narrow minded of you.

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You know what? I'm pretty skinny myself and I H-A-T-E it when people call me "anorexic". It's rude, insensitive and not ok at all. I have no idea why people would think it would be. I don't go around and point out all the fat ******* that I see, so it'll be nice to get the same treatment.

Except what is in magazines is Not mainstream or healthy. It should not be embraced or encouraged. A healthy weight with muscle tone and some fat (an important part of the endocrine system) should be. Mainstream IS fat, at least in the US. That does not mean that a size 4 is anorexic, for me it was, but on someone of a different build it could be their ideal weight.

Exactly. Congrats on losing so much weight, but hey, now you don't have him holding you back. Go find someone that likes you for you.

@avoidthegirl I wonder if your ass is jealous of the shit coming out of your mouth.

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awww your boyfriend shouldn't make you lose weight, you should do it for you! be proud of what you accomplished and **** that neurotic asshole.

I couldn't agree more, you should have broken up with him the second he tried to make you lose weight. I just hope you dieted healthily.

Well, to be fair, we don't know that he told her he wanted her to lose weight. For all we know, SHE brought up the topic. I know my boyfriend and I have had similar discussions. I'm overweight, I'm working on it, and we've discussed what we both think would be an "ideal" size for me. So we don't know that he just flat said, "You're a fatty. Be size 6!" I'm not saying he's not a douche, because he very obviously is. What kind of asshole dumps someone because of that? Congrats OP!

She could be the one who suggested it. A few years ago I wanted to lose weight, I was about 150lbs and I wanted to be around 120, my boyfriend at the time said I should aim for 130. He didn't say 'you're fat be 130' it was a reasonable goal. Having said that the reaction to your success was nasty, your ex is a bastard

#112 - On 07/18/2009 at 10:59pm by giebs22 "you should have broken up with him the second he tried to make you lose weight." Are you dumb? A size 18 is pretty unhealthy/obese depending on the height and body type of the person. Yeah what kind of douchebag boyfriend want his girlfriend to be healthy, right? Nevertheless, this specific dude is a douchebag since he dumped her after getting down to a 4 >.>

It doesn't sound like her ex-boyfriend had her health in mind, since he specified a size and not a weight. Seems to me that he cared more about the size of the clothes she would wear, rather than a healthy weight. She's better off without him, though, that's for sure!

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yes a size 4 is healthy. im either a size 1 or 0 depending on the designer, and im in perfect health-i doubt the OP would loose so much weight that she'd be unhealthy.

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4 isn't that small. Just because the US average is a size 12 [to 16] doesn't mean that's the healthy size. People have different body types and different natural weights. A size 4 is perfectly healthy if that's her natural body type. Just as a size 12 or a size 0 may be for others! This sounds like a condescending jealousy comment, to me.

Absolutely not! Size 0 is extremely unhealthy. People have died solely from being so underweight. A BMI of less than 16 means you're torturing your body. Also, perhaps the boyfriend doesn't find underweight girls attractive? Maybe the difference between 6 and 4 broke the deal. However, congratulations OP. That is truly incredible. You deserve congratulations.

A 0 is NOT unhealthy in the least. As the above poster said, just because the average American can be a 12 to a 16, doesn't mean anything lower than a 10 is ~extremely unhealthy.~ I'm a 0, and I'm in great shape. I have a naturally small frame, just like some women who are larger sizes have a naturally large frame, and either way is fine. Gaining weight is actually difficult for me as my metabolism is too fast, and that's how I was born.

I agree. I'm a 0-2, and no matter how much I eat I can't gain weight. Like the above poster, my metabolism is too fast. It doesn't mean that I'm anorexic or anything. I'm just petite.

My sisters are sizes 0,2, and 4, respectively. I wear blue jeans sized W30/L34. None of us are "extremely unhealthy," as #87 puts it. We eat healthy amounts of food and get a decent amount of exercise. That's it. No more, no less. Actually, I'd say my sisters and I are healthier than a lot of our friends, because we actually walk to places that are nearby rather than driving, so we don't find ourselves short of breath when we have to climb a single flight of stairs.

i'd have to disagree. according to my BMI i'm starving myself and unhealthy, but every time i go to the doctor they same i'm fine. I eat regular healthy (most of the time) meals. I've always been tiny, and i take after my grandma who never reached 100 lbs until she got pregnant. btw, keeping track of one's BMI is becoming more harmful than helpful as some schools are sending them home with elementary kids in their report cards and causing kids to worry too much about their weight in a bad way. Anyways, congrats on the loss of weight, but any guy who tells you to lose weight (unless they're worried about your health and try to help you) isn't a keeper. You'll find someone who's worth your time. :-)

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ummmm i wear a size 0-1 and many doctors have told me i'm a fine weight. iplay sports and swim alot, everybodys Naturally healthly weight is different. a size 0 may be fine for some while a size bigger may be fine for someone else. sorry for spelling

I know I already posted this above, but try not to get too offended/defensive with people who think a size 4 is REALLY skinny, because outside of North America, the sizes differ quite a bit. =)

It depends on height, and body type. Due to my height, and my bone structure, it would be unhealthy for me to be a size four. 5'7, and i have decently wide hips (meaning the bones, not the fat.) ... it also depends on the style of pants, and where they sit, on your hips, on your waist, etc. For some people, with naturally thin bone structures, size 0-4 is fine. For people like me, who have wider hips, and somewhat broader shoulders, it's not fine. If you want to talk healthy, they say a BMI of 22 is the healthiest. Aim for that, then find pants to fit that. Not change your BMI to fit your pants. And really, it's the focus of our failing sociological system. Empires in the end of their reigns tended to have greater focus on aesthetics. It's simply because we're in the middle of the fall of the great American Empire. And I say that with no political bias.

All you people saying size 4 is healthy haven't been a size 18 or anywhere near it. So this girl is unhealthy not because of being a size 4, but because she dropped down to it in a matter of months.

Whoa. Hold up #187. "The great American Empire"? Are you joking, or just ignorant? Superpower, yes, but empire?? Let's take some time to consider some actual empires: Roman. British. Ottoman. See how they're empires, and not just a single country trying to police the world? America hasn't existed long enough to be an empire, they've only not been part of the British Empire for two centuries. It's a tiny baby country throwing tantrums. The one thing you are right about is that it's on its way out. Good riddance.

Don't lose your shit over semantics friend, just cause you got a small country to match your small dick doesn't mean you have to throw a tantrum. America bears a lot of the qualities of an empire: size, military/economic power holding territories far outside the borders of the central body such as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, not to mention former control of the Philippines. Furthermore in all of these places and in the mainland of America itself there are oppressed minorities that are still trying to stake their claim to sovereignty, with greater and lesser degrees of success. As for only being our own country for 2 centuries, so what? In our modern age with our communication and transportation technologies, among others, a lot changes a lot faster. Furthermore age of a nation is kinda less important than it's stability. Take France; sure it's been called France and people there have spoken French for a lot longer than there has even been a U.S.A., but how recently and frequently has it undergone major institutional changes? Same goes for many European nations. Can you really say that the France/Germany/England today is the same France/Germany/England of 150 years ago? If you can, how do you justify that? If not the institution, then the people? So because you've had the same race being predominant in the same place for a longer time makes you older and wiser? Sounds pretty racist to me... Or maybe you're not talking about race or institution, maybe you just mean the land itself, but in that cause, American soil is just as old as yours, we all live on the same planet, it's not like America surfaced out of the water when European sailors started popping up here 5-6 centuries ago. So grow up, get over your infantile "it's cool to hate America and blame it for all the worlds problems" attitude, grow a set, and get a life.

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true. if she lost that much weight in a short amount of time then thats not healthy.

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Erm, being a size 4 is nowhere near unhealthy for some people. It all depends on the OP's height and body structure. I'm 5'0" with a tiny bone structure, so I wear a size 0 in US sizes and weigh about 100 pounds. My doctor says I'm very healthy at this weight, and I have never had any issues with people telling me I'm freakishly skinny because I'm very well built for my height. Don't make assumptions without knowing all the facts please.

Wow, he's an asshole. You deserve better.

Ditto. Whether you would like to believe it or not, he was probably just looking for an excuse to break up with you. If he wasn't, he has major issues for breaking up with you over 5lbs (cause really..that's the difference between a size 4 and a size 6) Nonetheless, huge props to you for losing all the weight. I'm sure you look fabulous and he sure as hell can't handle you. ;)

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Who cares, you'll be attracting more guys now and you can replace him with a better one.

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I agree. Congratulations on your weight loss. Now you can go find a more attractive, respectful guy to replace that douchebag. ;D

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seriously?? how the hell did u get from an 18 to a 4? that's awesome i hope you did it in a healthy way. but really forget that loser!

You shouldn't have done it just because he told you to - if that infact was the ONLY reason you did it, then YDI. But on the other hand, well done! Now you can go out, feel awesome and get someone 10x better with the new you. :D Just...don't get someone who just wants to go out with you cos you're thin. That'd suck. 0_o