By Crashburn - 16/01/2012 11:09 - United Kingdom

Today, after having a naked wrestle with my boyfriend, I discovered he'd left a skidmark on my stomach. FML
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If you don't leave skid marks on your girlfriends stomach, you're definitely doing it wrong.

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Show him a potty training video and make sure he pays close attention to the wiping process.

skidmark? when was a car involved. I mean, weird

no ur obv not smart a skid mark is something obese people have or just plane old dirty people who don't wipe themselves and leave a streek of poop and brown stuff on their panties ok there now u kno smart 1

How hard was he grinding on you to produce a shit mark like that?

Ok all of you people are retarded. Obviously the boyfriend is into weird stuff because it states clearly that the boyfriend and her were wrestling naked. Which is a practice done by elves. They fight yes but then they knock their mate out and damce around them chanting to their cheif to give them a child. Then if they are blessed they get a tan and a child. Too bad she only was tanned on one part of her body and no mention of a child yet....

^ Il have what you're on. Your profile info has me sold.

amanda_say_whutt 9

49- right, because only obese and old dirty people are the only ones to get skid-mark ?

Only fat people -.- you must be american right ?

Both comments were ignorant but that doesn't mean he's American. There are plenty of obese people all around the world, it's the fact that the people in my country chose lose benificial foods.

-57 commenting high is much more intreating for everyone.

It seems that 49 is high as well, due to his horrendous grammar. I am retracting my previous statement.

Someone pass #49 a brain, a dictionary, an english teacher, and Doc's patented Idiot-English translator engine before he breeds, please? Also, coming from a person who used to be fat, we don't leave skid marks, so go **** a piece a glass #49.

I love when the first comment is actually funny.

HungerGames95 13

87- You're a douchebag, right?

shanemaximo 7

Looks like they like "two-ply" around a little too much. Eh? Eh?

blackstar994 5

57- can I chill with you sometime? I got cash... >.>

insanelyXnikki 18

Skid marks have nothing to do with how skinny/fat you are. It has to do with how well you wipe your ass. Good god lol

TonyIsMyDog 2

skid marks a car can make them, an ass can make them

This fml is ******* disgusting btw, fyl OP.

The_Tool1 13

Who doesn't like fat people? Once you see them wrestle naked, it changes you.

taytaylal 11

that was a great idea from the start!

nothing wrong with a little wrestling!

Naked wrestling: Combat sport of choice for the Ancient Greeks...just add oil.

You also hate Pendantic and Perdix, 129. Therefore, I am flattered :)

I love how 129's profile calls everyone faggots, but at the end it says "suck my dick". I detect high amounts of irony.

Dammit, the guy above me got deleted. Now I look like an overzealous Democrat fanboy. FML

He's got it all wrong! Just because I want a ********, doesn't mean I'm supposed to smear urine on my girlfriends face! Same thing goes for his 'situation'...

monkeysareyummy 0

Maybe you shouldn't let him use a bike next time! No? Ok... *slithers back into cave*

I don't get how that would happen.. Was he sitting on your stomach and rubbing you down?

188- i think u missed the first comment

Comment #1 is "shit happens" and not "that's a shitty situation". Can't you see the difference? I did... And so did 188...

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mmm I bet that really helped create a romantic atmosphere;)

Maybe it's the same girl that sniffed her unwashed armpit? He might of thought she would get turned on by the disgustingness.

My girlfriend can't afford roses, so she just reminds me of her love by wiping her menstrual blood on my forehead... She also does that to remind me that she wants oral sex. Wow I have a gross mind! Feel free to thumb me down.

This actually made me laugh pretty hard. I hope you showed it to him

farnsworth 3

No it is her secret she only trusts us FML'ers

ashleykay94 7

Gross. Now you guys can have a naked shower together :D

I assume that one is meant to be naked when showering?

KRS_13 0

I'd make him clean it off me in the shower! :P

glorialaura21 8

As opposed to a clothed shower?

Clean it off you in the shower? Gross... Get it off as soon as possible. It's poo.

I was under the impression that it was chocolate...

yesio12 13

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yesio12 13

I was been sarcastic. Chill out.

CoolRainbowdash 15

******* nasty, I just thew in my mouth

How the **** was that being sarcastic?! It was gross. Nasty. Miley cyrus.

You obviously have no idea what sarcasm is.

XxAqwa13xX 6

God people take a damn joke!! This is funny xD

^ may think that it's funny, it may be your kind of humour, but it is NOT sarcastic in any way.

I thumbed this up; thought it was actually funny o.o It seems the world no likes?

actually it is sarcastic...Sooo nice try there? you just need to stop being so uptight.

170- wow, you've made a great comment. You are SO smart. See what I did there? That's sarcasm. Live and learn. Also, are you asking me if it's a nice try? I don't understand why there is a question mark.

TonyIsMyDog 2

I think you were 'being' sarcastic - not 'been'. Do your homework instead of hanging out on here.

mintcandyapple 3

ugh ur face is sarcastic! "omg lets check punctuation marks and the correct use o words on fml"!!!!