By jdrew32 - 04/02/2013 02:17 - United Kingdom - Liverpool

Today, after nearly 5 months of trying for a baby, I found out my wife has continued to take the pill as it gave her a better idea of her cycle and thus when she'd be "most fertile". FML
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Top comments didn't marry her for her brain..

I'm not sure your wife should be allowed to have kids to be honest...

Comments didn't marry her for her brain..

Brains over brawn dude…

I don't very much think he was referring that OP married She hulk.

Implying* not referring...

I sure as hell hope not. I hope the attraction is there when she isn't talking, or rather going away as she does talk

Can I have your socks?

Why must I be discriminated against? All I did was ask for some nice socks. Their is no need for the unnecessary down votes. Ignorant selfish people. Uhg.

Maybe you should try and find a smarter wife. Otherwise when you do finally have children, they may turn out as smart as Homer Simpson.

But then again, maybe she's Homer and Lisa would come. Wait...Bart would come first, right? Yeah OP, maybe consider not having kids.

But Homer is really smart... He just has a crayon up his nose and stuck in his brain.

That's an insult to Homer Simpson.

She should get ovulation sticks

Or mark the best time to do it on a calendar,or have sex as often as you can until she is impregnated. Best way to do it!

...or stop taking birth control.

Yea, that's sort of a must...

I'm not sure your wife should be allowed to have kids to be honest...

I know worse people with kids... one's even officially not fit to be a father, so he isn't even allowed to be alone with the child... so OP's problem is only modest

#7, that's called a deadbeat father/mother. It's different when they just don't think sometimes or have blonde moments, in OP's wife's case, a 5 month long blonde moment.... Or she can just be dumb.

Sounds like a good thing that you guys haven't procreated.

I hope you're a rocket scientist. That is the only way your kids will have a shot at having average IQs.

^^^ best comment ever.

with her level of intelligence maybe its best not to have kids.

idiot.....does she not know what birth control is for? SO YOU DON'T GET PREGNANT! how could you not know how smart your wife is?

We are all aware of what it is for

Too stupid to breed. That's pretty bad!

But not too stupid to keep trying;) ...

I know someone on that level

I feel natural selection is running its course.