By Anonymous - 04/02/2013 01:20 - United States

Today, I was given a wedgie by a complete stranger in a crowded bar. FML
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cmath_fml 19

Perhaps they were trying to make a point about your underwear showing in public?


cmath_fml 19

Perhaps they were trying to make a point about your underwear showing in public?

Who gives a **** if he was, doesn't give anyone a right to touch anybody! They've tried to do that to me is have crushed their skulls in!!!

It's still assault to yank someone's pants up like that.

Do you live in Michigan? There was a guy arrested for sexual battery for giving random people wedgies. He could be your attacker also! Haha!

Michael_92 20

Oh you think they were wearing pants to begin is at a bar....

Oh you decided to make a comment, next time make sure it makes sense.

I wonder if this would be the (new) best way to deal with the "droopy drawers" population who think wearing their pants (more than) half off the ass is """cool""" hmmm!?

Maybe you should rethink your choice of partying outfits. I don't think the fluro green mankini is helping..

scarpicide 5

You sure you weren't just sagging?

Shenronlock 7

I'm sorry, I thought they only let the 21 and olders in bars, not middle school jock kids...

I don't think OP would have got a wedgie if their underpants weren't showing ostentatiously.

Or maybe they just wanted into OPs pants.....but didn't know how else to do it....?

Perhaps the wedgie was given to hide the fact they just stole something from you. (PS: I

I'd rather have one done to the rear than to the front. Depending on gender. Even so, Veggie's are no laughing matter either.

I agree on the seriousness of potato.

It depends. A carrot to the rear can also be an extremely serious situation. However the sweet potato, she's just a sweetie.

Radishes really hurt your ass. If OP was radished in the middle of a bar, I'd feel pretty sorry for him/her

Personally I think getting beaten with an ugli fruit is worse, but that is a whole different FML.

NotGabe 28

Lookin' like a fool with yo pants on the ground!

Sue him....would be the appropriate response from the FML community.

Yet, you still said it. EDIT: Sorry, I thought you had written inappropriate.

Michael_92 20

Actually I find that many many people here are smart and have high respect and morals for other people. I say most because there are always a few bad eggs in the basket. Really that is one of the best things about this place too.

9- I've never sued anyone before, but I can't imagine suing someone for inflicting physical pain on me would be satisfying. :p Maybe I'm just extra grumpy this morning, but I know what my response to a wedgie at the bar would have been: *Receives wedgie* *Turns around and stares at this dumb asshole.* *Plants a straight right square in his nose.* "Now we're even, ******. Try that again." :p Yeah. Grumpy.

oj101 33

The wicked wedgie woman strikes again.