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  simoncat  |  11

I wonder if this would be the (new) best way to deal with the "droopy drawers" population who think wearing their pants (more than) half off the ass is """cool""" hmmm!?

  Michael_92  |  20

Actually I find that many many people here are smart and have high respect and morals for other people. I say most because there are always a few bad eggs in the basket. Really that is one of the best things about this place too.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

9- I've never sued anyone before, but I can't imagine suing someone for inflicting physical pain on me would be satisfying. :p
Maybe I'm just extra grumpy this morning, but I know what my response to a wedgie at the bar would have been:
*Receives wedgie*
*Turns around and stares at this dumb asshole.*
*Plants a straight right square in his nose.*
"Now we're even, fucker. Try that again."
:p Yeah. Grumpy.