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Today, my workplace was having a raffle and was giving away a Venus shaving kit. A co-worker won, but instead of keeping it, she walked over and handed the basket to me in front of everyone, said "You need it more" and walked away. FML
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  poccocurantes  |  7

Hoe shaving sounds like an interesting occupation, but you really should learn how to do it without burning them. Razor burn could effect their earning potential and it is all about repeat business.

  missyj0  |  12

even if OP does have hairy arms or legs that doesn't give her co-worker any right to publicly humiliate her for something so personal as whether she shaves or not. Is the hair on her arms going to affect how she does her job? No, so she should mind her own damn business.

  Carmstro  |  13

27, I don't understand your point. Tattoos and piercings under most circumstances don't affect your ability to do your job. And under no circumstances would anyone deserve public humiliation for having tattoos, piercings, or excess hair. Do you believe they do?

  MsConfusedd  |  27

Hey, dude. I read your profile, and if you want your "tough" relationship to work out, don't call girls hoes. That usually doesn't come across too well. Just sayin... and good job getting out of the gangs :)