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By  WeirdUS  |  29

Do you get very angry when you play? Throw your controller curse ect? Just because it isn't violent doesn't mean you are handling your anger and frustration properly.

  Charlie Given  |  23

I had a neighbor once who believed all video games, sport's and most board games(except kids board games) incite violence and ungodliness, but her one exception and by far probably the deadliest of all was regular old playing cards, guess nobody told her about poker or blackjack 🙄

By  icalledhisname  |  11

Tell him he’s becoming violent because of the news he watches and/or reads.
I’m so sick of people blaming video games for violence. My friends and I have raised over $2 million for nonprofit organizations by playing video games. We aren’t the only ones doing this. Gamers are doing great things for the world.