FML - The follow-up

Today, I was washing the dishes at work. I had to pee really bad but first I wanted to finish the dishes. A coworker jumped out from behind the ice machine. I screamed like a girl and pissed my pants. FML

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Nope. Just me and the coworker.
By klovemachine - / Monday 4 February 2013 03:50 / United States
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LOL that reminded me of when I had to shit when I was a kid, had to run through a full sized baseball field to get to my uncles house and shit myself have way through cuz of a hiccup :/ sucked at the time but now I find it funny as hell :p

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Payback, OP. I think in this case a car bomb is too extreme, but seriously, don't let this go unanswered. Pee means war! (Maybe celophane across a doorway would do the trick...)

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