By Sandman2015 - 29/01/2016 18:36 - United States - American Fork

Today, I walked in on one of my co-workers jerking off in the bathroom, complete with heavy breathing and victory groans. I don't want to go to HR, but I can't even look at him anymore. We have to work on a project together next week. FML
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jsan727 17

You should of just stared him in the eyes the entire time. You know, to establish dominance.


philsh94 20

well that is a sticky situation

I sincerely love puns and all these classless downvoters dont know shit. Pun on man, pun on

Some people say puns are the lowest form of humour. Some people also haven't seen Dane Cook.

I mean, he did at least have the decency to take his urgent matters to the restroom. Now to teach him what a bathroom stall is...

true he could've just done it openly with everyone to see

BlockOfRedStone 25

Where I work, instead of stalls it's just one male and female bathroom. Each with 1 toilet, sink, and lockable door. Unfortunately most people forget about the lockable part of them.

#7 Good point, although I'm not sure why OP would have walked into a stall being used so I'm curious as to how he walked in on said perpetrator and if he was just jerkin it over the sink. But who knows, I'm a woman. I'm not really sure what men's restrooms look like anyways.

Most bathrooms have more than 1 stall so if you walk into a bathroom you can hear someone in a stall.

Or maybe there's open urinals? Like a lot of men's bathrooms when they're all lined up with no walls or anything in between. He could've been doing it in one of those..

"hard at work or hardly working?" the first one

jsan727 17

You should of just stared him in the eyes the entire time. You know, to establish dominance.

Don't want to be that person, but it's "should have". I'll leave now.

ulissey_fml 22

I cannot believe it takes a non native speaker to stress that "should of " just does NOT exist , nor does it mean anything. It is " should HAVE ". As in : - a modal like SHOULD can be in the present tense: it is used with an infinitive verb ( I should KNOW this) -In the past , it is used with HAVE and a PAST form of the verb. ( I should HAVE LEARNED this at grade school)

Wyrmflight 13

as long as you understand what he means it really doesn't matter if his grammar or word choice was wrong. It's not like he's writing a ******* essay

that's true. English is not my native tongue, and yet I speak it more good (jk), better than most native speakers I know in America. The funny thing is that some try to pick on me by correcting me on wording that isn't commonly used, and they turn out to be wrong.

Chill mate leeve the gremmar lessin at skool

great comment. and by the way wtf does it matter? maybe you should **** off and not make fun of peoples grammar. some people struggle with language.

Ramos808 29

Wow, I hope he doesn't get cocky while working!

Was he at least in a stall...? Or did you see everything? And does he know that you walked in on him?

Might be a little awkward shaking hands next..

cprad11 12

I hope I can safely assume that most people would have the sense to not do that at work, but I could be wrong.