By Anonymous - 04/03/2014 21:06 - Norway - Nesoddtangen

Today, after nearly a month, I found out my wife isn't pregnant after all. She was just screwing around to win a bet with her friends on how long it'd take me to figure out the truth. FML
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kirrra 11

what a cruel joke, I think your wife has some growing up to do before you both have a baby for real

Fake like you're sterile.


kirrra 11

what a cruel joke, I think your wife has some growing up to do before you both have a baby for real

Yeah she really needs to grow up, so immature. By the way I was the 69th person to like your comment. Wink, wink.

lol 69... haha

42, 46: and the number of fucks anybody gave was... Zero!

Wrong. Right now the number o fucks given for #46 is -27

Fake like you're sterile.

Cwizer 17

Wow that is horrible!!! I hope your wife realizes how lucky she is. Geeez

What a bitch.

olpally 32

That's a scary thing to joke about. What a bitch.

Jessj958 19

And a very serious thing to joke about. Tell her you have herpes or something and see if she thinks that's funny!

Tell her to take a bet about how long you stay at your friend's or family member's house for the year.

damnit1989 16

Um... A year?

How manys days of the year, context clues. 3 days, 1 week, a month, things like that.

I think #19 was implying OP would be staying away forever.

Why should he go anywhere? Kick her ass out.

Well, did she win the bet?

If she did, OP should use the money on a hooker because even that would be better than doing anything with his wife.

An eye for an eye. You know what makes her tick.

So OP should fake being pregnant?

buttcramp 21

I think #8 was saying "you probably know something that could make your wife just as angry as she made you, so do it"

I agree with everyone that seriously is a stupid ass move! I'm not going to call her a bitch because she's your wife! But they all need to grow the hell up!

All? As in all women? I really hope that is not want you meant to write!

I think he meant all as in OPs wife and friends.

Yes I meant "All" is in his wife and friends!

thatkidmal 15

Well then..time for revenge, yes?