By Anonymous - 16/11/2009 00:52 - Canada

Today, I found out that I'm going to be a mother. This was a mystery, since I take birth control and use condoms all the time. Or, at least, it was, until my mother admitted to swapping my pills and poking holes in my condoms so she could have a grandchild before she died. FML
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WHAT. That is terrible!!!! D: What if you're not ready for kids?! Jeez... she is crazy. Sorry about your pregnancy. Unless, that is, you're ready for kids now and wanted one.

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sorry, but your Mothers a nut job o.O


WHAT. That is terrible!!!! D: What if you're not ready for kids?! Jeez... she is crazy. Sorry about your pregnancy. Unless, that is, you're ready for kids now and wanted one.

She should get an abortion, that would show her mum up so much.

I was gonna say that 59! Abortion will show her!

Of course that's an intelligent solution, 70. Kill the child to get back at the mother. What kind of sick **** are you? My question for OP is why are you still living with your mother? If she's that nutty to do something like that I'm sure this wasn't the first act of insanity. So... why?

Better yet, abort it and send "grandma" the bill.

Better yet, abort it and said "grandma" the aborted fetus.

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Yeah, that's right #80, point the finger at the OP for still living with her mother (not that we even have proof of that) when the mother is the one at fault for being freaking crazy.

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sorry, but your Mothers a nut job o.O

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This does not sound believeable

Birth control pills come in a daily dispenser in the first place.

#20, Birth control pills already come in blister packs with weekdays labeled on them. I don't know if you put your BC in a seven day pill dispenser- but normal people don't. OP- I could believe the part about the poking holes in condoms, but you are not fooling anyone. There is no way your pills could have been tampered with without your knowning. Besides, on the off chance your pills actually were replaced because you're retarded enough to put them in a seven day dispenser, I doubt your mother could find actual pills the same shape, size and color to replace them.

Because they are already marked on the blister pack. And last time I checked- old people don't take birth control pills and old people probably make up about 98% of the population actually using those 7-day counters. I seriously doubt the OP used a counter unless she's for some reason been struck with all these reasons to take several medications every day.

YDI for taking your BC pills out of the blister pack.

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How does she manage to poke a hole in the condom and then seal it back up again? And where does she get pills that do nothing but look the same as your contraceptive pills, so you don't notice???

you don't need to remove a condom from its wrapper to poke holes in it - just take a straight pin, thumbtack, or something and poke one straight through the packaging. @op: i don't get, however, how your mother could manage to swap out your contraceptive pills. it's not like they come in a refillable vial, where they're loose and floating around.

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dougelo7 I wasn't doubting the OP, I was actually genuinely wondering how she did it. I never thought of sticking a needle through the whole package of the condom, and I also just assumed that like most people, her contraceptive pills were in monthly packets which are sealed, and I know for a fact that if my pills were changed some how, I WOULD notice. They would have to be almost identical for me not to.

apparently you can get them in the same bottles that you can get other perscriptions in. Most people just don't for obvious reasons

damn, not just "old people" use them! I have to take a crap load of meds (yea kidney transplant!!). I'm 31...

The "hole" will be huge as potholes when stretched..

Yeah you're right. It wouldn't be noticeable in the dark. That is.... until the pothole turned into a breakage... Idiot.

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Not really, no. There are tons of cases where a woman ended up pregnant because someone poked a hole through a condom using a pin. It's enough to cause a woman to become pregnant, but not enough to cause any noticeable damage to the condom.

I doubt that this is real. If it is, though... That's ******* sick.

How is it possible to "swap" birth control pills? They come in 21- or 28-day blister packs.

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My jaw instantly dropped when I read this. I can't believe there are Moms out there that flipping psycho!