By samantha - 17/08/2019 06:02 - United States

Today, I found out that after using several types of birth control, and being paranoid about pregnancy, I've been infertile for years. FML
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Emiweb 9

Unless you do actually want to have children one day (in which case, this totally sucks) then this sounds ideal. No more pills messing with your hormones.


CoriCat 25

Naturally or because of the birth control? Not that it’s any of my business, I’m just concerned

Emiweb 9

I'm sure birth control doesn't cause infertility. If it did, it wouldn't be easy to get or stay on long term. I'm no doctor, though.

colderthanyou 15

No, birth control doesn’t cause infertility

Some types of birth control cause temporary "infertility", making it harder to get pregnant immediately after stopping birth control.

Emiweb 9

Unless you do actually want to have children one day (in which case, this totally sucks) then this sounds ideal. No more pills messing with your hormones.

Traveling_Book 9

That’s what I was thinking. The way this is worded it sounds almost like a positive thing but I’m not sure. The FML being she was worried for nothing?

Well, I take vitamins probably for no reason. There’s most likely no chance that I’d have a vitamin deficiency, but I’m paranoid about it anyways. We’re twinsies, practically.

Did a man really just compare him taking a multivitamin to infertility?

No, I compared the multivitamin to birth control, and infertility to vitamin deficiency. Now, don’t you agree my analogy is spot-on?

tounces7 27

He gets off on getting a rise out of people, and you pretty well fell for it hook line and sinker.

Girl PREACH. My husband and I have been trying for over a year and a half and are now going to a fertility clinic. What a waste it was to worry about (and pay for) birth control and condoms for the 10 years before that!

Mooglefox 23

Happy for you that you don’t have to worry about birth control, but sorry as well

childlessmother 16

I’m not sure if I should say sorry or congratulations. As a woman I want to say sorry that you will never feel the joy of pregnancy. Good news at least there is adoption

There are plenty of women who don't want the joys of pregnancy. I was miserable and felt like I had the flu the whole time. And both of my children were conceived while I was on birth control. If she doesn't want kids, she's right to be paranoid. And she should still take precautions just in case.

TheCrazedHare 7

I'm so sorry, maybe this will make you feel better. I had 2 friends. the first one was told she could never carry a child to term, she kept.losing the child, (lemme say this was also the 70/80's) she got pregnant, but instead of changing her life style she said **** it because she didnt think it would stay like every other but because she never stopped smoking his birth weight was low and she kept him to term. ( not advocating smoking just saying) also had an aunt who was told shed never have children, had tried for years, told her she was infertile, she has 2 children, 17, 8 years old. boy and a girl. I know that can suck but humans are weird and crazy things happen if you want children don't give up hope. plus you could always borrow a close relatives eggs? that way the Gene's are still close. also side note, sucks you spent that money when not needed, but still be safe from any std/sti's

I'm sorry to hear that but doctors are not the end all be all to your body... I've known "infertile" couples who conceive and carry to term. I know people who were told they'd most likely not get pregnant without medical intervention watching their eight year old go to school tomorrow. I know people who became "infertile" from birth control.

pandaandthepitty 12

I always thought that would be my luck too, since I do everything possible to make sure I'll never get pregnant. I'd have wasted so much money on birth control and having my hormones messed up all the time. I'd love that.