Munchausen by proxy

By Anonymous - 29/10/2020 05:01

Today, I was just told by a hiring manager that the reasons I'm not getting interviews is because I have a spotty work history. My work history is spotty because my mother ignores my food allergies so she can get attention and, as a result, I'm chronically ill. FML
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that sucks, can you make your own food?

FYL or YDI depending on your age.


that sucks, can you make your own food?

The solution to all of your problems is pretty obvious: let your mom support you fully so you don't have to work at all and can give her your attention 24/7. Perfect solution, right?

FYL or YDI depending on your age.

It stinks your mother doesn't acknowledge your allergies. Are you able to buy, handle, and cook your own food?

your mom sounds like a narcissist and this is also technically abuse and neglect.

then why keep eating the food she has prepared?

Munchausens by Proxy ?

OrySoma 11

umm call the cops shes trying to kill you duh

Annies 17

So y’all can just disobey your parents and live?