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Today, I found out that my girlfriend of five months is pregnant. Apparently, she stopped taking her pill two months ago because "we" wanted a baby. I don't recall ever having that discussion with her. FML
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So your girlfriend is a crazy psycho bitch, no big deal right?

flcl2 2

what a bitch, she wanted to trap you into a relationship by getting herself knocked up. jeez, this is EVERY guys worse fear, that their girlfriend would do this. that's why you gotta wrap it up man, even If it doesn't feel as good, or ***** like this will keep you from being with the girl you really want.


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So your girlfriend is a crazy psycho bitch, no big deal right?

Dude that blows, but yeah #2 if she stopped taking it "2" months ago, how is she "5" months pregnant?

5 - lol she's not five months pregnant they been together for 5 months :P

Belle. you are very pretty. I really like your pic.

she just wants you in her life for good, nothing wrong with that(: .... hahh ur trapped

sorry meant belleelle **** auto correct on iPod... also **** anti flood protection (fafp in case any of you were wondering what that meant)

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ok op never says how many months she is pregnant , op it's your fault for not wearing protection even if a girl tells you she is on the pill, you still wear protection espeically if you just met her .

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No! Number 45! Don't bring something controversial like abortion on FML! That could start a massive debate...

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abortion is sad. ;( you were manly enough to have the sex now be the man and be the father.

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If you are having sex whether you are using bc or not you should be prepared to be a parent because it is always a possibility bc is not 100% affective... that being said 45, I'm assuming you have never had a kid because for 1 abortion is just plain wrong, and adoption is hard, trying to give up a baby that you have carries for 9 months, that you have felt move inside you, a baby that you gave life, I couldn't do it, when I got pregnant at 17 that was the first thing my husband asked I told him the same thing, now 3 years later we have 2 beautiful children that we provide just fine for

Haha thank you #8 :) I was thinking that he would probably notice a five month pregnant girlfriend haha

well 69 she was woman enough to lie about birthcontrol so now she can be woman enough to be a single mother.

that was for 51's falcon punch comment

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that's his decision to be in the childs life or not, but he can't try to get the girl who obviously wanted the baby to kill it or give it away, it's also her decision to keep the baby, it's in her body not his!

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she prob cheated on him in those 5 months. get a paternity test

rohosoccer08 1

he can ask, but pretty sure. he won't be able to "talk her into one" if she wanted the baby, either he can not have anything to do with the baby and give up his rights, or he can step up and be a parent that's his choose no matter how old he is, he was having sex, he should be prepared for the consequences... I'm not saying she was in the right for stopping her bc without discussing it but I don't see her killing or giving up her baby

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angellaffy- unless he can find another guy to adopt the baby he can't just sign off his rights as a father. If he could there would be a lot less guys paying child support. Sorry op that really sucks, be sure it's yours before clamming it. And next time use protection.

rohosoccer08 1

117 a guy can give up his parental rights, I'm not exctly sure how it works, but my dad did it, not because he didn't want to have anything to do with me, but because he couldn't afford child support and him and my mom discussed it and she just let him see me when she felt like it... if you five up your rights you have no obligations to the child or the right to see them

that is so wrong. op will be convicted of murder

littlemissdqgirl 8

119 idk what state your in but here you can't just sign off your rights unless someone else is willing to take on the fathers roll. My sisters husband was going to sign off his rights to his two children that he never sees but was told that another man would have to agree to adopt them *shrugs* this is second hand info so I'm not going to defend it strongly. It's just what I've heard and I could very well be wrong. Feel free to correct me anyone.

rohosoccer08 1

idk, we are in Texas, I was really little when all this happened, I think it was as long as mother and father agree to it, they can do it... but like I said I don't know much about it cuz I was so young but this is what I've gathered from what my parents have told me

I agree with angellaffy. rohosoccer08, just because you are happy to be with 2 kids at 20 doesn't mean everybody should. Clearly, OP was not ready for a child in his life. He possibly wasn't even considering this girlfriend to be someone long-term. He was tricked by a person who obviously doesn't even understand what they are getting themselves into. OP, next time use better judgment in people you chose to date and use a condom until you are sure you can trust the person. Also, don't feel you have to be pressured into staying with this girl. If she decides to have the baby you need to man up and help provide for the child but you do not need to have a family with this girl just because SHE decided to have a baby with you.

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notjustanother1 you took the word right outta my mouth use a rubber people I made my bf forever till we were more serious I'm still on the pill but you never know

I'm pretty sure that you can't do that without the mother's consent.

F the baby's life, he or she will have a crazy mother.

In some cases you still have to pay child support if you give up your parental rights.

abortion, falcon punch, **** punt, anything just get out. Run far away

112, if a girl or guy is gettin it on every night and they get pregnent, you shouldn't punish them by making them go through with the pregnency. That would **** up three lives not just punish two people. Adoption is better than abortion, but my friend was, and she is messed up. Her birth mom wants nothing to do with her and she just can't move on. It's ruining her life.

rohosoccer08 1

155, a guy and a girl shouldn't be "getting or on every night" unless they're prepared for the consequences... and I'm not trying to have a long convo on abortion, in my mind it's murder, it's not the babys fault the parents aren't ready, adoption is good for kids who's parents can't or don't want to take care of them. but that is not the case in this fml the girl obviously wanted the baby so she will take responsibility and take care of the child

mmmmm just know it's her body but both ur decisions afterall homer says it's uterUS not uterME :) if ur not ready ur not ready

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he says it's uterUs, not uterU...

Well, abortion isn't right. If you're having sex, you should be prepared for the possibility of a child. Birth control and condoms aren't 100% affective. If the op is 15, he shouldn't be having sex, anyways.

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30 & 49 - thanks :) and it's Elle not Belle lol. 81 - lol np :)

Leave her. How can you ever trust someone like that again? Besides, I'd be too pissed to even look at her again.

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nah just punch that ho in the stomach

newsflash: sex makes babies, its primary purpose well before doms were invented. maybe don't go there til ur grown up and ready?

she's been his gf for five months she's not five months pregnant...

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wow. do you not understand that he DIDNT want kids, that she LIED to him, and thats why he had sex? im sure he wouldnt have tapped that if he knew she was a lying crazy bitch. and btw, abortions are better than unwanted kids. i would not think twice about having one cause i hate kids so much lol. and OP, im pretty sure that you can just drop the crazy bitch... good thing youre not married :D

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I *love* how prudish people on FML are. Yes, sex is for reproduction. It is also for pleasure. Humans aren't the only ones who engage in sex with no intent to conceive.

Right on 206. That "not ready for the consequenses" garbage is really annoying. Yeah everyone should wait to have sex until they're in their 20's or just live with the fact that they're going to have a baby because they ended up with some lieing psycho bitch. Why do I even bother with some of you..

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84, you cannot honestly believe that people shouldn't have to pay the consequences for poor decisions, do you? I see plenty of girls younger than you screwing up their life by having premarital sex, but accepting the consequences of being pregnant. Aborting your baby is an irresponsible choice for the weak, regardless of the circumstances.

#212 So are you saying that abortion is an irresponsible choice even in the circumstance of a woman having been raped? If so, I don't agree with that at all. I think a woman should have a choice in what she does with her body. I'm not saying that it's okay to have one-night stands all over the place and have abortions to cover up poor choices, but I don't think it's right to forbid women to have control over the decisions they make with their own bodies.

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agreeeeeeeddd!!!!!!! she don't need to get an abortion ! it was HER decision !!!! dumbass 45 :(

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79... get off your ******* soap box. everyone has the right to decide on their own. it's ignorent pricks such as yourself who compleatly make your side of the debate by saying "abortion is just plain wrong". nothing is black and white like that.

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I wish I was a chick...that way whenever I wanted money I would just force some guy to knock me up. boom. free money for the next 18 years

MrsxStewart 4

So, if we should have control of our bodies, why are drugs illegal? I don't understand the rape argument. There are other options.

#84 Agreed completely if your not old enough to support a child and you end up in that situation honestly your best bet is abortion, seems like it would be less painful then giving birth to YOUR child and then giving him or her away that would be heart breaking. Anyway OP good luck, pick your gf little better next time?

she didn't say she's 5 months pregnant only they've been together 5 months and she stopped taking the pill 2 months in. do the math hun

janise 2

That's a fantastic idea. Punish the baby for his mother's actions by refusing to be in his life and leaving him alone with a psycho. You're a genius.

janise 2

@ angellaffy: That's a fantastic idea. The OP should definitely punish the baby for the girlfriend's actions by refusing to be in his life and leaving him alone with a psycho. Actually, I think we should take it one step further. Why should just this kid be punished for the actions of one of his parents? Everyone should be punished for their parents actions. Tell you what I'll do. I'm going to start a petition demanding Congress pass a law stating all criminals' offspring also be arrested and thrown in jail for their parents' crimes. It'd be great if I could get your address so I could mail you this petition because I'm sure you want to be the first name on it.

There is just one thing left to do.... You must kill her

abortion is not sad, it's a great idea for him right now. Why bring a baby into a whole where one parent is a psycho bitch and the other one doesn't want it.

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is just punch the shit out of that ****

At least she has a life...I am not a staunch pro-life or pro-choicer but I have to say that if there is a way to choose life, I think people should, just because it's a more positive outcome for everyone. Your friend, if she had to choose having been aborted or being able to live and experience both the crushing pain of life and the beautiful joy of life as well as the boring middle parts, she'd choose life. Even death-row convicts would choose to live a sentence of life in prison with no parole rather than death. It's also a lucky thing in this part of the world that people are looking for children to adopt, so adoption is a great option for someone in a tough situation. Just my opinion. I have a cousin who has an adopted daughter and that child is the world and more to my cousin and her husband. She could have been aborted, but instead that little girl gets to be the apple of her parents' eyes and get a chance to have a wonderful, warm, loving home and a family who think of her as a miracle and a gift.

#155 : Newsflash, your friend is ruining her life on her own, on purpose, by pretending people that didn't raise her and that she probably never met are her ''parents''. She is also incredibly rude to her actual parents, sending them the message she wish she had OTHER parents, and that their love is not good enough. Genetic material shared =/= love. If you think otherwise, countless children either aware or ignoring their adopted status, and a huge bunch of father either aware or ignoring they were cheated on, loving their relatives unafected by the ''cruel lack of the genetic material shared'' beg to differ. So ya, tell your friend to stop inflicting meaningless pain to herself and to her parents. Djee, some animals adopt other baby animals, sometimes from OTHER SPIECES. Get over this non-issue.

Throw her down an escalator!! :D JUST KIDDING. ;)

if she stopped taking the pill 2 months ago how is she 5 months pregnant ?

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he said his girlfriend and him have been together for five months, not that she's in her fifth month of pregnancy. #2 and #3 you fail at text comprehension. add #5 to that as well.

they were together 5 months £¥€€€*^%^**•••'b£>€¥|£|

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what a bitch, she wanted to trap you into a relationship by getting herself knocked up. jeez, this is EVERY guys worse fear, that their girlfriend would do this. that's why you gotta wrap it up man, even If it doesn't feel as good, or ***** like this will keep you from being with the girl you really want.

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purplemnm 9
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How is she five months pregnant already if she only stopped taking the pill two months ago. I call bs. And how do not notice at five months?

keekah 0

oh. I see. Sorry. I really didn't notice.

This is like the third comment i've seen saying this, read you moron, it says gf of five months

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For the love of baby jesus, read the f*cking text people.

^ AGREED Before calling bs re read it obviously your mind is bs at comprehending text.

cpt falcon is gay he is the virtual Michael Jackson

trueblue42 4

I got it the first time I read it. people should learn how to read! :P