By Anonymous - 21/03/2012 04:50 - Canada

Today, I found a bug under my foreskin. FML
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melliemoo17 6


Oh dear. You DO know you need to clean your dong, right?


melliemoo17 6


Mothra strikes again!

Its been that long? Were there cobwebs too?


Just hope there's not two and they start making babies. Nasty af!

Was it alive?

What kind of bug too? That's nasty *cleveland voice*

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blackheart24 10

Fuck my life for taking five minutes just to tap on this FML!!!!! Gah!!

BarDownDaily 12

95- Hit one of the ones below it, then use the arrow keys on the top right of the screen.

Holy Mother of jesus... I would've like instantly committed suicide on the spot

Do you SHOWER?

How does that even happen? That's disgusting, id immediately circumcise myself!

Idonebeenhad 17


Seems like you, my friend, have inevitably fucked a bug to death.

Sounds like the bug just needed a warm place to sleep.

That's rough

Has it been "bugging" you for a while?

biglittlehead 12

That really sucks op I hope it didn't bite you.

That is absolutely disgusting... Crabs!

A crab isn't a bug. FYI.

Crabs is a term for pubic lice.

oh for real.. sh!t ain't ever eatin crab AGAIN

16 - Yes it is. FYI. :/

doesn't matter.. had sex

damn, too late to edit. anyway, 16, we're talking about the parasitic insects on pubes, not a sea-dwelling crab. but 22 already sorta covered that, heh

Not crabs, blowflies. Damn necrophile.

Llamacod 11

Crab lice or, for short, crabs are bugs. But they live in pubic hair not under foreskin

TraceCase_ 19

Was it a tick maybe? I've heard of ticks attaching to areas like the armpits and groin. Maybe this one took it to the extreme.

RedPillSucks 31

What? The "Love" tick?

Shit Never gonna get it in with that there

Well, at the very least, OP's dick makes someone happy.

Llamacod 11

A bug isn't a person, so its not someone but a something

lululu333 7

Why are people thumping down Llamacod? Isn't correct?

Yeah 188 but nobody likes a know it all.

How did it get there? :s

I was always told not to put my fingers in a hole I couldn't see into (in case of spiders). I guess that means penises too. :/

Holy shit, you have been putting your fingers INSIDE of penises?

iloveqts 8

Hardcore fingering.......on a guy?

Docking maybe?

It was the CIA.

How the hell does that even happen??! Bro ...get that checked out..!


Who has foreskin?

Everyone not white or jewish

Oh dear. You DO know you need to clean your dong, right?

It reminds me of my cousin (7 years old) who I had to educate into doing it since his dad left and my aunt didn't tell him... It was awkward but much better than bugs >.

180- Kudos to you for stepping up into the parental role for your cousin. Awkward or not, it's great that you bothered to help. :)

Thats so disgusting

I know! I wish I never read this...

9 you stole my picture when I'm not on here! v-.-" Lol. :p

how in the you even let that happen. Haha, I wonder what other suprises you or some unlucky women will come across.

By the look of your profile pic you aren't old enuf to be bothered about stuff like that!

KriiFahMoro 9

Youre on the internet now, you can say fuck if you want to.

btstig 11

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone. Awesome pic.

This is the internet. Where love and hope dies. And people can bury a little girl for trying to censor fuck. I LOVE IT.

Okay, I am definitely old enough to not be naive about sexual content. So sorry, your negative comment is worthless. I come here for obvious reasons , and when people like you take the time to comment back on an actual comment....good god, who even gives a fuck ?

Hollie, when you feed a troll, you give him exactly what he wants. Be better than he is and ignore him. I, on the other hand, am not his intended target, so I can say "Piss off, you fucking twat.. She was just trying to be polite, which is more than I can say for either of us. Asshole."

65 - Apparently the people who commented give a fuck. Because they wouldn't comment if they didn't. And by thay logic, you give a fuck about people commenting on your comments.

You are my hero :) I love people like you. :)

I love Docs comments.

Doc, your comments always make me smile. ^-^ When I read the second half of your comment I read it in ZeroPunctuation's voice because you said piss off. (he's a video game reviewer if you guys don't know who he is, and he's funny as fuck. Demons souls is my favorite of his reviews of you wanna check it out ;D)

May cas it's so dusty haven't done the nasty in a while?

Dajucy1 7

English translation?

Maybe this is because your penis is so dusty. Have you not had sexual intercourse in a while?

deathpotato 11

Maybe because your penis is so dusty, you have not partaken in the nasty in quite some time.

deathpotato 11

You beat me to it by 3 seconds.

Or you know 3 minutes.

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe cats haven't been dusty or nasty in a long while... What? My translation is just as good as theirs... oh! you meant accurate translation.... sorry.