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By Anonymous - 21/09/2013 18:10 - United States

Today, it's my birthday. I don't mind crappy gifts, but I have to wonder why the hell my boyfriend bought me a home enema kit. FML
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BreynHope 11

Nothing says happy birthday like a clean asshole. Take it all in stride.

Swiggity swooty he's coming for that booty!


BreynHope 11

Nothing says happy birthday like a clean asshole. Take it all in stride.

goliatron 9

Oh she'll be taking it all in, alright...that's why he got her the enema kit!

What asshole. I rectum he's gonna get single

michaelaranda 28
jw90 18

Cuz everyone likes a clean asshole nowadays.

and you know its a SHE how dont assume man i have a boyfriend and im not a girl

In all honesty it's to clean you out in an hint at anal sex. Or that's his fetish.

Because FMLs have a gender symbol, this one is female, silly.

#61 it's got the female symbol next to her username....

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Ah.. I love when someone tries to make a point and fails like a ******* moron. Honestly man, no one cares you have a boyfriend. Congratulations, what you do in your life is your choice. When you start acting a fool and parading around trying to make us look like we're in the wrong for assuming OP's a female, you make yourself look like a jackass. Have fun with your enemas, pal, no one gives a shit.

expertsmilee 26

79 - that's about the most perfect explanation on that topic ever.

So it's for cleaning ass holes? I'm slow so I don't know...

This is the longest thread I've ever seen. And it really didn't have to be...

True, but the post does say that OP is from Venus.

ndomer 6

Seems more like she's from Uranus

#61 Cause up the top she tells us she's a girl by the little sign thing :/

LoopyLuuLuu 7

Not everyone uses the website to read these. in the FML app I'm using, it doesn't show the male/female symbols. Dude may not have realized it has that where most people follow these.

Physical and Mental Perpetration. Happy Birthday.

Sorry, I meant the longest thread with irrelevant comments that shouldn't have been posted as replies to #1.

They are to clean your bowels out, some people like them, I don't get how people can like them, they are so uncomfortable!!

ndomer 6

A year or two ago they didn't allow you to expand comments on specific posts so everyone posted irrelevant comments on #1 so it would be seen higher up.

#61, it says (woman) right after Anonymous.

JuliaaNoelle 26

He's definitely hinting at something.

Exactly. I'm thinking he wants to try anal and wants to make sure it's clean and empty up there! Hahaha

Espolax 8

So he can watch football and look like he did u a solid

Espolax 8

Wow I read that so fast I thought it said antenna

I was under the impression that the results of an enema aren't very solid.

3, lol. "But I have to wonder why the hell my boyfriend got me an antennae."

DFresh503 8

Silly OP, the enema wasn't your present. That was purely to prepare for it hahahah

I'm imagining OP's reaction will be that of your profile picture!

rockne93 17

Be thankful he remembered, OP!

It seems like he wants to take your relationship to the next level. The "I'm gonna inject this liquid into your rectum" level. Sounds a bit like anal now that I think about it.

Swiggity swooty he's coming for that booty!

Neyuu 18

Swiggity swag, he'll mount you like a stag!

Down voted only because you used the word swag, AND used it to rhyme.

Neyuu 18

Swiggity swag, he'll mount you like a stag!

20, downvoted you because you used the word also

Deer have such a great sense of humor. c:

Pancakes017 19

#73, I saw #9's comment, and am so glad you commented that i just HAD to say something!

Well now you get to clean yourself properly! Happy birthday OP, I hope you've had a great day!

Allennis44 16

Nothing says a great day like, "Let's do anal!"