By amber - 19/04/2012 18:00 - United States - Saint Paul

Today, my boyfriend gave me acne cream for my birthday. FML
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It's sort of harsh but he's just trying to help you.

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26- Actually Justin Bieber does advertising for Proactive, which is an acne cream. He has for a while now.


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You don't say? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Please don't pop my ass.

Congratulations! You've won! ....acne cream

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Ya well it's my birthday and I still haven't got anything…so be thankful people actually remembered your birthday :/

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77- Happy birthday to you and OP. (:

77 - Happy Birthday! Don't worry, you'll get love and comfort from the FML community :) *cyber hug*

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80 & 81 - thank you! Gosh it seems like my only friends are online …

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He's just looking for a "good looking gal". So this is to help... A definite compliant. NAAAAWWWWWT

Happy birthday 83, and ur only friends ARE on the Internet, the people with lives you call your friends arent as cool as us ;)

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Well you can't say he wasn't proactive about getting you a present! :D No? Ok.

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aha... my neighbour bought me acne cream...

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Damn that's rude. I almost feel terrible for laughing

It's sort of harsh but he's just trying to help you.

I'm sure it will leave a blemish in OP's memories of her birthday.

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She can assist him by buying him lube, to help him cope with the very long period without sex that he just brought on himself.

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Today, it's my girlfriends birthday. All I could afford was some acne cream. The thing is she actually needed it... A lot FML

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Could be worse, he could've given you herpes.

He might be trying to be like Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber doesn't advertise acne cream, nor does he give it out. Justin Bieber advertises bad music and gives out pain to people's ears.

26 - Watch out! The 12 year old fan girls will rip you apart....

47 - You think that'll stop them?! They're merciless and brainwashed things....

hotPinklipstick 24

26- Actually Justin Bieber does advertising for Proactive, which is an acne cream. He has for a while now.

Proactiv bleaches your towels, not good.

47- I noticed that on your profile you say that you are a grammar "natzi" I find that beautifully ironic.

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64- I noticed that, too. It is indeed beautifully ironic. :)

Bieber fever is over. All the 12 year old girls have a onedirection infection now.

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Actually he does...........

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Yes he dose give out proactive to some people

pinky78711 5

Actually one direction has to change their name because their all ready a band named that so now we cant have one direction infection

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Am i the only one who would be rather offended if justin beiber showed up at my house with acne cream?

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I agree that if a celeb came to my house with acne cream I'd be offended.

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This FML is her way of telling you: "She gets it."

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I believe she already did considering its on FML..

you really are a bitch. no wonder you have no friends.

Sorry guys, I just wrote something random and it turned out all cliché :/ I suck. Thumbs down deserved.

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If you took care of yourself, he wouldn't have felt the need.

Actually, some people can't help it. I have a friend who washes her face with every kind of wash, scrub, and soap there is and it doesn't help he at all. Sometimes it's a medical thing, or hereditary

Excessively washing your face actually dries out the skin, and the dry skin gets stuck in the pores, causing more acne. Washing your face too much can actually cause the acne you're trying to prevent.

kandi_kid69 15

18- Tell your friend to try using honey and sea-salt once a week to see if it helps. If not then maybe she could go to a dermatologist to see if they can prescribe something that'll help. :)

Mommyof2_91 10

Well... Aren't you ignorant.

Why do you people always assume that this person has acne because she doesn't take care of herself? Shut the hell up. What do you know about her personal hygiene habits? Everyone gets pimples sometimes. It's called being human.

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thats a zitty thing to do...he wants to pop your problem but your birthday is not the right moment

Think of it this way; he just wants to make you more pretty than you are. I'm implying that or ugly, OP? Pshh, No way...

porcupineattack1 5

Thats sucks, i have terrible acne, i feel our pain.