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  brennan1  |  0

how does this make the op dumb, im pretty sure that the blame game should be placed both on the OP but also on the friends dad for allowing his kids to have access to loaded guns.. guns should be kept locked up and seperated from the ammo which should also be locked up.. OP lesson to be learned TREAT ALL GUNS AS IF THEY WERE LOADED

  warpig182  |  0

The op is a fucking retarted shitface worthless no good dirty rotten piece of pig shit. Seriously how do you discharge a weapon in a house? While explaining gun safety?

  tjv3  |  10

OP is dumb for not checking to see if the gun was loaded. you keep a loaded gun in the house because invaders will not wait for you to load the gun before attacking. I can see it now: hey wait I have to go find my bullets so stand right there til I get back. morons

  rusrsbrah  |  0

Disagree, gun locked, ammo not. "Hey home intruder, lemme just unlock my gun cabinet and then my ammo cabinet, load it, and shoot you. that cool?" Clips/shells good to go, Gun in a number safe close to your bed.

  phreshboi  |  1

why don't you just lock the door?? like in Canada, we have about 4 stories a year about breaking in. most of the time they're in stores not homes. Even if they do come in big whoop, call the police and wait.

  goaliemkl123  |  8

never supposed to keep a gun loaded in your house. that's such a big deal that the correct way to store guns is to keep the ammunition locked away somewhere different then the guns

  anlhawks  |  5

agreed, but so is the dad for being a dumbass and letting kids play with his loaded guns. tard. seriously who has loaded guns everywhere. my dad keeps ammo with the gun but does not load them!

  FMLinCA  |  12

how do we know the OP is a kid? he's probably a grown ass man or something. regardless, he's glad all he shot was the floor. and the OP is still dumb. lol.

  White_Fury  |  0

79 where else would someone keep it? If you have common sense and gun safety, It isn't dangerous at all. OP is a noob who has neither. I have a loaded gun in my house at all times and have never had an accident.

  Shriker  |  0

You're a fucking idiot. Plenty of guns don't have any sort of manual safety at all. Glocks and any XD Gear gun don't. If you're going to yell at someone, be fucking educated on the issue.

  LordGoober  |  13

All guns have safety, as in keeping your finger off the trigger. And Glocks have a built in safety on the trigger, your finger has to be pulling that back before the actual trigger releases to squeeze it.

  kotabones  |  0

Rule 1: it's loaded
Rule 2: unload and empty chamber before anything else
Rule 3: treat as though still loaded
Rule 4: don't put finger in trigger until plan to shoot

  xcountry2  |  4

Rule #4 is don't point a gun at something unless you're planning to shoot it

Rule#5 is keep you're finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot

By  ulicksam  |  0

You're an idiot and so is your friend's dad for not keeping it locked up. Keep your grubby paws off things that don't belong to you and things you have no business touching. YDI.

  Guy_Smily  |  0

shame on you #11 for comparing OP to a retard, retards may be slow this person is just a dumb a$$! they can't help their mistakes, OP doesn't have that excuse...