By gemtas5 - 21/09/2013 17:28 - Sweden - Malm?

Today, while sorting through my clothes, I found one of my ex's old sweaters. After a lot of thought and difficulty, I threw it out. I felt empowered, until my father later rifled through my trash and claimed the sweater for himself. FML
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Good for you for getting rid of it OP! Maybe you should have a talk with your dad about how him keeping the sweater makes you uncomfortable.

Your father worries me.


Good for you for getting rid of it OP! Maybe you should have a talk with your dad about how him keeping the sweater makes you uncomfortable.

But why pick one out of the trash?

jw90 18

Maybe he thought it looked cool and wanted to keep it. Possible he also didn't know it was her exes at the time.

@16, waste not want not.

Really good for you OP! You moved on well ;) I on the other hand, still not fully over with mine ;(

Maybe op seeing her dad wearing it will help make her care less about her ex lol

If I was the father and my daughter said "hey dad, yea that's so and so's sweatshirt, the one who broke my heart" I'd burn the damn sweatshirt myself.

TwiztedYuri 9

OP can always go and find it in the lanudry bin. then take it outside pour a bit of gasoline over it and make smores

Why does she have to destroy it? Her father obviously likes the sweater. The only reason she wants to destroy it is because her ex wore it. That is irrational.

schindler12345 24

And have a talk about digging through the trash.

Espolax 8

That's going to be a terrible reminder

Your father worries me.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You don't dig through the trash to find clothes? That's how I found my favorite pair of underwear! Nothing better than good ol' dumpster undies..

this thread is trashy

Only because you commented in it.

football98_fml 20

you shoudve lit it on fire...

Or given it away to a homeless shelter or something.

Finders keepers. In another sense that does suck. That reminder will always be there now. FYL Op.

BreynHope 11

Maybe explain to him that seeing the sweater brings back memories that you don't want to be reminded of. Just buy him a new one from Old Navy and he'll forget about it, OP.

Why get attached to inanimaye objects, topped with the fact that its an EX thus it didnt work out?

rockne93 17

Take it out of his dresser and get rid of it the right way, OP. Nothing like a good ole bon fire starter.

The extra musk Eau De Ex should make it burn up real good.

Damn, must have been a nice sweater.

It sounds like your dad does that often...

Why worry over this when you can just simply go into your father's bedroom, take the sweater, drive far far away, light it on fire, and then bury the ashes of it 10 feet into the ground.

It sounds like so much work though.

Indeed, it is.

Gas is too expensive to drive far far away lol.

I dont think many girls would dig a 10 foot hole in the ground

Most PEOPLE wouldn't dig a 10-foot hole. One's ability to dig is not hampered by gender.