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By  WCARlover  |  34

You shouldn't have to tell your significant other you want to feel special on your birthday. If they care about you they'll show it. May be time to reevaluate the relationship or at least have a serious discussion. Happy birthday btw OP!

  DravensTheName  |  16

As someone myself that haven't celebrated my own birthday for a solid 10 years I can say it sometimes slips my mind to make someone's bday special. It's not on purpose and god knows I love my family to death but I still sometime need a reminder that they want something special that day. Doesn't mean I don't care.
Maybe the guy is the same way... Or not. Just thought I'd put in my two cents.

  LunaaBluee  |  27

I think it's different when you're with someone. For example my dad has NEVER done anything for my mom on her bd not once. I don't think any one wants that. In my opinion it doesn't even matter if your so says they don't want anything or to do anything on their bd you should still have something planned doesn't matter how small. Remember it's the little things that count. Coming home to a fancy home cooked meal, maybe take a romantic bath together. You know simple things that really show you care. I think it's small thoughtful things like those that really strengthen a relationship.

  BLDYRBBT  |  16

its the small simple things. like showing you know how to listen when your SO says they don't want anything special on their birthday. some people really mean it when they say they want nothing special

  katachristic  |  19

I've met a couple Jehovah's witnesses with religious objections to celebrating birthdays (their own or anyone else's). One of them has a child with an agnostic and whether or not he should be raised celebrating his birthday was actually a huge point of contention in their relationship. It could be something like that maybe?

By  dietcoke09  |  25

Man I swear after a certain age some birthdays just start to get old and become just another day. It was nice of him to offer. Maybe he was kidding and will take you out to dinner!

  Tripartita  |  44

He's joking. He's acting as though the boyfriend's pathetic attempt at a gift is so grand it deserves a lavish dinner and sex as thanks.

You might not find the comment funny, but for the love of all that is humorous, don't take it at face value.