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By  Stumblebum30  |  5

is that ALL you got from him? if it is, dump his sorry ass for not being man about the issue and talking to you about it before hand and fir being so damn cheap! if you got other nice gifts have a sit down discussion about the motive behind that particular gift and how that could have been handled better and at a different time. that would be like giving him a pack of breath mints for Christmas.

  grv_fml  |  4

he doesnt like her smell, therefore he doesnt like her.
if he doesnt like her smell (i presume her natural smell), they are genetically incompatible and their life together would be a disaster ending up in divorce.
humans are not odorless plastic figurines, sense of smell is one of the important primal senses when it comes to selecting a best mate, if you dont like someones smell its you body telling you you're not compatible.

By  laffinatu  |  0

I suppose he's trying to tell you something, poor bugger probably had no idea how to say it. At least he did something to let ou know and save you some public embarassment. Don't worry about it, there are worse things in life than not getting presents. My mom got windsheild wipers one year. I told her it was sweet because her boyfriend wanted her too see when she drove to work so she wouldn't die. Even the lamest of gifts can be sweet if you really think about it.