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  9a_1z  |  12

She could take it as a hint, but I'm just imagining the boyfriend having a panic a few minutes before seeing her and dashing into the nearest corner shop going 'argh argh I'll quickly get her something she'll actually use, chocolate is so cliché'.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I totally thought it was because she hasn't been shaving her armpits. Now I'm wondering if he just sucks at buying gifts. Which is worse? The image 26 gave was pretty funny!

  gichikku  |  14

Not for everyone apparently. I was shocked to find out my boyfriend has never worn deodorant or cologne and yet never smells bad even at the end of the day. I get out of the shower, sit on the couch and an hour later my pits stink if I don't put any on. Wish I was like him.

  pandaxpress  |  19

#76 There is too much bacteria on the human body to not shower for a week. Not showering for a week is truly gross and while you think you don't smell others around you would probably disagree. The fact your in a relationship is astonishing, I guess it's true people will settle.

By  thisisthestupid  |  18

My nan did that for me but because I couldn't afford all this girly stuff and he got tired of seeing me suffer
Idc if he was trying to be mean
Free stuff for me
Invite him in for the spa party ;)

  toastbrot  |  9

did you ever hear about the pink tax? while soap, razor and deodorant are not explicitly girly stuff the girly aka the "pink" version tends to be more expensive than the normal or guy version.
and the nan might be just a person who prefers he as a pronoun - or it was just a typo.


It's because chicks will pay whatever for pretty shiny things and guys tend to only buy what they really need so those sorts of marketing tactics don't work for men. Also have you ever read instructions for women? Don't use while sleeping. If plug doesn't fit in outlet, turn around and try again.... Men's stuff doesn't have this shit. stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. they're mostly true. Who the hell needs to be told not to use an electric razor while asleep