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Today, it's my birthday. My fiancé decided to give me the gift of "freedom". That's how he put it, anyway. FML
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Whenever anyone asks, tell them that it was the best gift you ever received. It probably is, even if it doesn't feel like it just yet.

There should be a "you're better off" button on here.


ryry013 6

Why would someone do it on your birthday unless you're trying to be mean

Midrash 5

I don't see what the big deal about birthday is. Never expected anyone to give me anything for my birthday. Why do people always demand some sort of loyalty treatment just because they've alive for another year?? Someone please enlighten me.

Give OP liberty, or give her... an awesome birthday present. Your boyfriend didn't exactly live up to his role, did he?

A100893 30

I think OP is better off without this __________. You can fill the blank in with whatever you want.

#14 it's a celebration of life. Not everyone demands things, some just want a good happy day. but having him do this on a special day was just a dick move.

hellbilly205 17

14 you missed the point of the FML completly

I don't think anyone went to 14's birthday party :(

14... poor you. Let me explain; see, freedom, as in letting her go...

Or maybe the OP was an indentured servant and allowed to become a freed woman?

21 - I tried the word Cupcake. I don't think it works :(

spekledworf 18

14 Was born on leap day and is just pissy that they don't get a bday every year

blackheart24 10

14 probably has crabs. How do I know? People with crabs hate birthdays because they can't have birthday sex. No birthday sex= unhappy #14. My advice to you 14, is get some ointment, or cream, or whatever they use to get rid of crabs (I wouldn't know, I've never had them), and get yourself some birthday sex my friend.

melibear89 7

Well I guess it's safe to say no one gives a rat's ass about 14 or their birthday. If someone did 14 wouldn't be in a pissy mood over someone getting dumped on their birthday.

#57 .. Thats very intersting on how you came up with your scenario. lol

hawaiianfire 0

14 the reason OP's situation sucks, is because people value birthdays. Obviously you wouldn't understand it if you don't value them. And you ask what is so special about birthdays? Only people that can appreciate the thoughtfulness and willingness of their peers/family to celebrate their existence can understand.

maronofhearts 19

Actually 19 he did since he gave her liberty from himself. Liberty is the greatest present of all. Now she is free to find someone better.

good point,, but it is supposed to be a day everyone has where it is a celebration that you exist. it is a celebration of you - and meant to be a happy day. Her ex-fiance made it a really sad day for her, it prob would have been kinder if he did it on a different day.

MetalxSoldier 26

I'm gonna go with yeah. (sarcasm) It's just a hunch though... Enjoy your freedom lady!

Whenever anyone asks, tell them that it was the best gift you ever received. It probably is, even if it doesn't feel like it just yet.

You took those words right out of my mouth!!!

Absolutely. Would you rather he gave you this gift after you were married for five years? You absolutely do not want to marry anyone who does not want it 100%

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I don't see the big deal here. For one day, OP can hook up with anyone she wishes. Then after her birthday, OP is back in a loving relationship. So what?

How low can he go? He gives you the gift of "freedom" which he obviously stole. If the Constitution were a real person, he would have whooped his ass.

Bit of a tosser that ex fiancé of yours..

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Whenever someone calls someone else a "tosser," I think of Harry Potter. "Bit of a tosser, really..." (Hehehe.)

Freedom to...kick him in the balls? Not sleep with him until the marriage? Use his credit card as you will? I say all of the above for the ambiguous gift and get your money's worth

Freedom as in he was breaking up with her. There will be no marriage, or sleeping together, although there may be a kick to the balls somewhere in this. Or possible credit card theft...

jerseyboy732 16

so either he's a soldier, or he had you shipped here from china?

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So essentially you're the human equivalent of Dobby and hes Harry Potter.

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Hey, socks are great presents to receive

One can never have enough socks. Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a pair. People will insist on giving me books.

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better now, instead of already being married....