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Today, I was on a dinner date with a guy I really like. I guess I was on my phone too much because halfway through the date he sent me a text saying how much my half of the bill would be. FML
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That's incredibly rude of you. You "guess"?! I'd would say that you were. Be a little more polite next time and stash your phone away; the newest twitter updates can wait.

You really like him, huh? You really showed it. YDI


That's incredibly rude of you. You "guess"?! I'd would say that you were. Be a little more polite next time and stash your phone away; the newest twitter updates can wait.

Sadly, "dinner etiquette" is seeming more and more like a concept no longer practiced. Look around at kids and teenagers in restaurants, it's terrifying that the parents allow (and often join in!) this type of behavior.

My parents literally take my phone away at dinner. I personally like it. And when I'm out with friends, we all put our phones on the table and whoever checks their phone first pays the bill. If not, we all equally split it.

I would* Sorry, guys. I don't know if that was autocorrect or not, but I'm taking responsibility for it.

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I agree. People are really rude when it comes to messages and calls at dinner. You are on a date. Perhaps you don't like him enough to give him your attention. Unless it's a fire at your house or something stay off the phone. How would you feel if he was doing that to you.

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I don't even get why anyone would submit this as an FML... This is an "F your date's life".... I hope OP didn't expect people to be sympathetic with them here.

exactly what I was going to say. You're on the date to talk to him and get to know him. not scroll through Facebook and Twitter.

YDI, I'm sorry honey, but before me and my husband got married, and even now that we are, I always checked us in and put my phone away. "Why check in? Why even use a phone when you're out?" Well I would check in twice and here are the reasons. The first check in was with my parents to say we arrived safe. The second was on facebook, I would put my status as "With my mister for a private night out at (incert date activity here)." I had to let my parents know, or they would call and text me to come home for forgetting. I had to let my friend know, or they would call and text me all night. I always told him what I was doing on my phone, it took 2 minutes tops, and the rest of the date/night I was his. :) Never use your phone during a date, it's rude, and makes them think you're uninterested or uninteresting. (P.s) I have a friend, lets call her Jill, and she is always on her phone. ALWAYS. Everytime I would invite her out to go with friends, spend the night, or just hang out, her face would be in that phone the entire time. But everytime I would text her she wouldn't text back until hours later, stating she forgot her phone somewhere. Everytime. So, I stopped wanting to hang out with her, obviously she didn't want to be there with me or didn't like me. So many, many, many moons later she texted me, asking what happened to us. I told her the reason, and the next time we hung out, that phone was left in the car, and we had a blast. You can still save this potential relationship, just apologize to him, a lot. YDI, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve another chance.

I have a friend, similar to this 'Jill' girl, who is constantly on his phone. He tried to date me awhile back. He was chatting with people on FB. I even logged in to see what he was doing on his page that was so important. He checked in and then was rating my outfit with his stupid friends. So I commented on the status, then walked out of the restaurant. He was not happy, since I was the one driving. I figured all the people he was talking to had nothing better to do than pick his happy ass up. Either way, I now have a thing against people who check their phone too much. Unless someone tells me, "Hey, I have an emergency/work" then I assume they are not interested in me and would like to end the evening early. This is however if they check it more than three or four times in an hour. Sometimes life happens and you have to reply to people.

#1, I think the "I guess" thing was just part of the phrasing. She obviously knows she was on the phone too much.

great post. i personally hate cell phones

OP, you totally missed out on a real life face to face conversation and connection to have a virtual one. That's just sad. Why do people even go out with their friends when they are all in their own little world on their phones?!? Just stay home if that's all you want to do when there are real people in front of you and an entire real world happening! You totally deserve what you got OP and you're lucky he was nice enough to stick around for the entire dinner! He should of walked out on you and stuck you with the entire bill and texted you to tell you never to contact him again.

That was rude. I've been walked out on a date myself for being on my phone, but mine was due to my job. Yours was just being rude

I would have personally left the date, because that is beyond rude. Definitely an insult and won't be getting a second date!

Holy ****, a level headed comment on FML. That's impressive! I agree - she should give him an apology. Being on your phone on a date is rude, but it doesn't make you Hitler.

You really like him, huh? You really showed it. YDI

I would've left right there and then when she started using her phone too much.

I'd probably do that too, but then I would feel bad and they'd be stuck there because I'm usually the one who drives.

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I guess the call(s) were more important than having a chance for a second date with this guy that OP supposedly liked so much.

You seem to like your phone a hell of a lot more. How awkward for him to sit there and wait for you to get off the phone the entire date. I'm glad he didn't pay for your meal, I wouldn't either. YDI

You shoulda declined the date to begin with and explained to him that he would just be wasting his time because you are a rude, selfish bitch and wouldn't pay him any attention, then he wouldn't have wasted his time with you when he could have taken out someone a hell of a lot more engaging!

easy tiger. this is a real person you are insulting and you have no idea who they are from the few sentences in that post. not to mention the op could be anywhere from 13 to 30. calling her a selfish bitch is beyond not cool.

No, I don't know her, but from those few sentences I do know that she is a selfish, rude bitch. Anyone that would do that is...

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The guy should have just got up and left. If she's gonna be on her phone, she's not interested enough to care.

Exactly. She liked him so much that she spent more time texting someone else during the date.

Number one rule on a date: NEVER be on your phone. That's so rude, pay attention to your date, not your phone!

Although it's unlikely, she could have been on her phone because she was recieving updates on something important, like a family member in the hospital and he should have been informed prior to the date. If not, then it is definitely rude.

True, #84. But then again, if she really had some important update that she needed to check constantly, she could've easily postponed the date to another time where she wouldn't need to use her phone so much.

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*twitter*-"OMG! im on a date with such an amazing guy" *Facebook*-"I'm at this incredible restaurant with this supper cute guy! I like him SO much!" *Instagram*-"heres a picture of my food.." *fml*-"where did he go?"

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Or she could have informed the guy and excused herself from the date. Any reasonable guy would understand.

The fact that she guessed she was on her phone takes would mean she didn't realize just how much she was on it. Anyone with a family emergency knows they are on the phone.

It drives me crazy when people do that, almost as much as when they stare at whatever's on the tv behind me. Lol

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Ydi op, interact with people, especially on a date

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Especially if you have a thing for them. Giving off the wrong signals

OP, have you even gone out to dinner only to have your date ignore you while constantly checking their phone? You completely deserved it.

At least he was kind enough to text you instead of interrupt your train of thought...

Some people really don't realize how rude that can be.

Too busy buried in their phones to realize anything I presume.

Sometimes people who do this think it's perfectly acceptable, they probably regularly interact with people who act the same way and don't understand why it would be thought of as rude.

awkward moment when you're reading this FML while on a date...

Agreed 121. And better luck next time 204.

I wasn't saying that was me, it was a joke saying the awkward moment when someone, not me, is on a date reading this FML

ok if u like the guy why are you on ur phone? its very rude for one and 2 way to show him you like him

A nice way to show much you like him surely is to ignore him and not engage in conversation.

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Ahh OP, always keep your phone away if you want to have a successful date! It opens up more opportunity for conversation! Next time turn it off!