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Bet the fight was about her not wanting to do anal

Learn to relax your anal sphincter.


Sounds like a shitty situation

Did you like it op ?

He now does it every time he poops

Part of me is hoping their argument was over why she didn't want to try anal 8)

^ Or why he didn't want to try anal.

I hope your nails weren't sharp. You could cut your anus if they were.

That made me cringe. Why does that part of the human body have to be so delicate

that would be a terrible experience.

Learn to relax your anal sphincter.

best FML I've ever read

you haven't read the one about the woman who's husband was involved in a series of horrible accidents. he repeatedly fell in her best friend's vagina

#31. That's every other FML.

#5, you must be new here.

Never go to shit angry. ...Er, that's not quite right...

What did we learn today kids? That's right. Aggressive wiping is never the answer to our problems.

Why is this downvoted? It's amazing.

Bet the fight was about her not wanting to do anal

This is the best comment I have ever read. I don't know who you are, but I love you now.

I was just about to comment about that.

mindblown by this comment.

Sir, you just won the Internet

When people have no lives....^

now you have a very, very small idea of what anal us like for us

Well it doesn't sound like it was very deep...

just the tip man just the tip

#10, your profile picture makes this comment so much better!