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Hey, at least you didn't have anything valuable taken. I'd rather have a $4 pack of cigarettes stolen than a $700 computer.

Hope you have insurance


Hope you have insurance

\ 28

Maybe the mugger from a few days earlier is on a rampage... "The Serial Smoke Stealer" strikes again!

It's always the weird things they take

Sadly, I don't. I went to my car to get my registration papers for the insurance. :/

That's almost as bad as when someone broke into someone's car for cookies and then left a sticky note saying "thank you".

Even if you had insurance the price of the window and cigs probably wouldn't have met the deductible. Still Sucks either way.

Oh wow.. I just got this really weird feeling that theres a button that says that! Strange..

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Enough of these ridiculing comments. Just thumb them down and move on...

#67, seriously. Move on with those comments.

Can't remeber exactly but some people have the bare minimum of Car Insurance. If I hit someone. My insurance covers them. If I hit something, my Inurance won't pay a cent.

Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess

Hey, at least you didn't have anything valuable taken. I'd rather have a $4 pack of cigarettes stolen than a $700 computer.

A lot of people where I live wish cigarettes were $4 a pack... But exactly OP. It could've been a lot worse

Isa_fml 20

Where the heck do you live that cigarettes are that cheap?! But yep, you're absolutely right. I mean, it'd be best to avoid broken windows altogether, but it could have been worse.

Where i live cigarettes are 8 dollars. And he doesn't care about the cigarettes he cares than now his window is broken

The store near where I live sales them for under two bucks.

#39, I'm a she. Lol And yeah...the window is going to cost more than the pack of $5 cigarettes lol

Jesus. It's $12 here for a decent pack of cigarettes.

52 - But the heart transplant is free, right?

I live in upstate New York cigarettes are over ten bucks.

@52... Only $12?! In New Zealand the cheapest is $15, it's $17 for the good ones

I think op doesn't care about the lighter or cigs. He now has a window to replace, which is extremely expensive

60- as do I. the only place that's cheap is the Indian Reservation

Here is a solution. Stop smoking! The people who don't smoke find it really annoying to smell that everywhere we go. Not to mention how unhealthy it is for you and everyone around you

Someone finally points out the obvious, number 74!!! Thank you!

74 - I don't smoke around people. I am not even a chain smoker. A pack can last me a month or longer. Plus,i am trying to quit. Even still. There was NO excuse to destroy my car window for a pack of cigs.

80 - My comment wasn't directed only at you. It was also for the people complaining about how much cigarettes cost.

80, I'm really confused. You seem to be claiming that this FML is yours, but it doesn't say that when you comment, nor does it say you have any confirmed FMLs..

105 It does for me?

105 - If you notice, her comments are backgrounded with a different color than ours - as are all OP's with their own FMLs

Love yr pic OP!

$4??? yeah they have gone up in price. depending on where the Op lives that could be a $15-20 value all together.

Well since the usernames match...

Yep. At the time I commented it hadn't changed. It just appeared as a regular comment. I thought it would have been a different color right off the bat. Sorry for the confusion.

TorturedXeno 27

At least it wasn't for a McDonald's toy....

They break in for the change in the console, OP... times are tough.

They did break into my truck for a roll of quarters worth $20, so yep times indeed are tough...

A roll of quarters is $10...

Must've been Marlboro.

Cigarettes are expensive...

This is a true nicotine addict. Addiction can lead you to do crazy things.

Maybe this was a psycho person, trying to get the world to quit smoking. A little extreme, but why else would they take the ash tray..

Hey, at least they only stole your lung cancer. But sorry you got broken into OP!

OP will probably buy more cigarettes..

Sure did buy another pack.

fucking retard smoker

I don't blame you, OP- I'd need a smoke after that! Hopefully you can get that window fixed soon.

Perhaps they just wanted to prove a point... Who knows what goes down in the minds of criminals.

Consider yourself lucky OP.

Smokers gonna smoke

Seems you just got smoked OP, what a drag. The theif needs a good hit or two. Eh, I tried.

You tried too hard.

I thought it was pretty good (: