By Clementine - 27/11/2012 11:36 - Australia - Saint Kilda

Today, I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend. After dessert, he went to the bathroom so I quickly called the waiter over and paid the bill, thinking it was a nice gesture. When he returned, he broke up with me for "emasculating" him. FML
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Maybe I'm just a cheap ass but whenever someone pays for my food, I'm happy.


Lindahhxd 7

My boyfriend gets offended when I pay; but at least you were generous. Try explaining to him you wanted to be nice for a change!

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its a pride thing, just try to apologize to him and see how it goes

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I think it's not good that guys do that they need to be more open to things especially if they have a nice girlfriend that would go out of their way for them like that

It may not be so much as she did that to him. It could be he just wanted a reason to break up.

1is right, he is an ass. If anyone is offended, or takes it as a hit to their pride if some one pays, then that is someone you don't need in your life. So op, **** his life, not yours. You should find someone who deserves you...not that asshat.

kiroarous 9

It's a cultural thing u asshole, how about u try to understand.

34) some guys, like me, are very traditional, and such would be offended. But I concur, your better off op!

I would very much prefer to pay for a girls meal and would insist upon it strongly, but I wouldn't get upset of they paid. I would be disappointed for not getting the opportunity to pay, but I would appreciate the gesture and get the **** over it and be happy I am with such a considerate woman.

Hold on. WTF? Why should SHE have to apologize to him? What she did was a kind and generous gesture. He let his pride and ego ruin what could have been a wonderful date night. He's the one who needs to apologize.

jackal181 7

Total ass. Usually I pay because I work more often than my girlfriend but during the summer, she worked more and would generally pay. That just makes sense.

I honestly don't think he is worth an apology. If he can't see a nice gesture for what it is rather than getting offended at the one he should love, then he isn't worth the apology. He should be the one apologizing.

J15237 25

you have an excellent point about the pride thing.

Some guys just like paying the bill :/ dont fret everyone is different. It makes us who we are.

That may be true, but breaking up with you was really harsh...

Atleast op didn't put icyhot on his balls in his sleep, or did she hmm.. *evil smirk*

StalkerChick 13

If he's gonna be all butthurt about it, OP should just make him pay her back. Maybe that'll make him feel better?

If it's that important to him, he should have waited for the bill before going to the bathroom.

17 - Guys have manhood. Paying the bill falls under that. The man protects the woman the woman doesn't protect the man. Lol!!

DasHaas 9

Be glad you got rid of him before it got more serious.

It's common courtesy for the guy to pay. He did exaggerate, but he may have been having a bad day or something and OP's gesture made him flip out. You can't say whether or not he was a bad person and therefore unfit to be OP's boyfriend just because of that one episode. Talking things through would help solve the problem.

I agree that you shouldn't make such judgments from a single episode, but it's the guy who decided the OP was not fit to be his girlfriend after one episode; she's not really obliged to fix that for him. Though I disagree that it's common courtesy for the guy to pay. It's common courtesy for both to pay. It's kind of creepy if a guy (or girl, I presume) always insists on paying for everything, as if they don't think you can afford it or they expect something in return. Once is nice though, and not worth breaking up over.

sdh715 6

It's not like he just yelled at her and its something to work out. He dumped her. If he's going to break up with her over that, then yeah he is an ass.

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36 - I have to disagree with your notion that its somehow "creepy" for one person to pay for dates. My hubby has paid for every date, meal, and activity we've done together all throughout our courtship and marriage. He's not looking for "something in return" and he didn't do it while we were dating because he thought I couldn't afford it. He did it because he considers it the courteous thing to do, as do most guys. There's nothing wrong with the guy wanting to pay, just as there's nothing wrong with the girl paying or the couple going dutch on payment. It sounds like you've had some bad experiences to have that kind of jaded view, as if people don't do nice things just to be nice. I would suggest relaxing a but and not assuming that every kind gesture has an ulterior motive.

It's tradition in our world for the male to pay the way.

And you don't think maybe you should do the courteous thing from time to time?

I'm sorry, but I feel the bill should be split between the people eating and I don't really like the idea of social roles.

No its not. It's a frightened child thing. Real men can't be emasculated.

Stop using the word emasculated! That word refers to removal of the penis, not a loss of pride. Everyone, I mean.

44- That's the literal interpretation, not the metaphorical one, which is a lot more powerful as a word, and is a valid meaning of the word, too. Or would you have the whole human race stop talking in images, metaphors and analogies? "My plan just went down the crapper" "Aw, that's shit" "I'll say, I dropped it in while reading it on the toilet!"

KiddNYC1O 20

Aha ^. 44- Do people mean feces is crazy when they say "That shit cray!"??

113 - No, they mean 'I'm a douchebag' because they just used the word 'cray'.

What a tool. It was a very nice gesture OP. Now you can find someone who appreciates having a woman who can carry her own.

It's better when they can actually be glad someone wants to take care of them as opposed to 'standing on their own' all the time.

I would love it if a girl paid! What guy wouldn't?!?! Free food! Haha.

If he broke up with you for that, then he's not someone you want to be with. Be glad you got rid of him sooner rather than later.

Maybe I'm just a cheap ass but whenever someone pays for my food, I'm happy.

He's not worth it if he breaks up with you over something so stupid.

I can imagine that conversation with a friend later. "You guys broke up? Why??" "I paid for his dinner..."

unknown_user5566 26

I'm starting to see why marriages don't work out well anymore. If people somehow make it past these TINY issues and get married, I sense that they still have the same stupid arguments, and then just file for divorce. Relationships aren't a walk in the park, people! If you aren't willing to work through your problems, don't date in the first place.

A very good tip, kyleekay, people should really cheque themselves before getting into these kinds of situations, I mean it would do them a good service. Bistro-ng, OP, and be thankful that you didn't have to wait on hand and foot for this "masculine" moron.

Except you can't get divorced if you have kids or they will end up messed up.

pjf4e 3

He is too thin-skinned. No loss there.