By anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I was so out of it from a lack of sleep and an accidental antihistamine overdose, I tried to offer my cat a cup of tea, and actually got pissed off when he didn't reply. It took me a good five minutes to understand what just happened. FML
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  iliketurdles  |  7

118, that's blasphemy.

I suppose your love for crumpets balances out all the good and evil of this world.

And incase any of you are wondering, yes, tea is what's keeping the Universe intact. True story.

By  Bree12345  |  15

my cat

  darwinism  |  30

Not so much rude as misunderstood. OP was doomed to fail from the start by offering the tea. What OP had to do was to twist the conversation in such a way that the cat thinks it was his idea to have tea, and that OP was making an offering to the lord of the house by sharing with it. But this is a common mistake that often results in a cat grudge that could last from a few minutes to many years.

  xcarxcrashx  |  9

116 you should probably seek pet advice from your vet and not the FML community before feeding your kitty energy drinks. I was always under the impression that caffeine is bad for pets.