By anonymous - 20/06/2012 14:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I was so out of it from a lack of sleep and an accidental antihistamine overdose, I tried to offer my cat a cup of tea, and actually got pissed off when he didn't reply. It took me a good five minutes to understand what just happened. FML
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What kind of cat doesn't want a cup of tea?!?!

gTOtheT 7

Yeah I hate it when I overdose and my cat won't take my tea. So rude.


What kind of cat doesn't want a cup of tea?!?!

Sounds like you coulda been high lol By the way, recording yourself while high then listening/watching it later is funny as hell sometimes.

I assure you, 2, the cat did want the cup of tea. He was just offended by the way OP offered it. And OP probably forgot the milk.

boxbrandon11 20

British accent "Would you like a cup of tea?"

73- I do believe that was the British tee stereotype he was portraying....... not the non existant British insane cat person stereotype....

Well maybe if OP offered the cat a cup of milk then the cat would have accepted it.

sillysh 0

Milk is what it's all about everyone knows that.

I'm British and I bloody hate tea. Just putting that out there.

118, that's blasphemy. I suppose your love for crumpets balances out all the good and evil of this world. And incase any of you are wondering, yes, tea is what's keeping the Universe intact. True story.

I suppose I just fit the national stereotype. I ******* love tea :D

Haha, I'm British and I don't like tea. Though, I do like crumpets and jam, also I have national anthem on my phone.

******* and tea doesn't mix... Truuuuust me.

There are bags of catnip tea for cats at my local pet store.

I'm not British but I love tea :D and British accents!

73- That's weird. When I went there, my hotel room door was constantly being scratched on by cats asking for tea.

relaxedninja 18

Love the David Bowie shirt 152

It's "spot of tea" my dear chum. "spot"

Cats + caffeine! Sounds like the recipe for disaster.

Actually the recipe for disaster is much more complicated.

What is needed for such recipe? I MUST have it!

what has runescape got to do with this?

gTOtheT 7

Yeah I hate it when I overdose and my cat won't take my tea. So rude.

TheVelocirabbit 10

My dog actually drinks wine.. Pretty funny sight when he keeps running into the refrigerator:)

gTOtheT 7

...... My cat eats macaroni and cheese.... :/

My dog eats people who use the term "C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!" But my Velociraptor just loves Bloody Marys.

I really want to understand how OP wasn't able to sleep on antihistamines.

omgcookeys 15

Not so much rude as misunderstood. OP was doomed to fail from the start by offering the tea. What OP had to do was to twist the conversation in such a way that the cat thinks it was his idea to have tea, and that OP was making an offering to the lord of the house by sharing with it. But this is a common mistake that often results in a cat grudge that could last from a few minutes to many years.

ZX6Rninja 0

It might be a crackhead that got a hold of the wrong shit.

No, cats love energy drinks more than anything!

Actually cats need taurine in their diet in order to keep their sight and energy drinks have plenty. Just don't give them too much or the caffeine will kill them

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Cats love anti freeze! I know that for a fact haha. Please PETA don't thumb me down.

116 you should probably seek pet advice from your vet and not the FML community before feeding your kitty energy drinks. I was always under the impression that caffeine is bad for pets.

shawnaishere 14

Everybody likes tea that a surprise it didn't accept it.

He must have been angry at you for overdosing accidentally.