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By Anonymous - 31/03/2012 12:35 - United States - Rohnert Park

Today, I took a very expensive flight to New York City for a job interview. I waited in my hotel room all day for the phone call to go to my once in a lifetime interview. By noon, I was nervous; eight, I was pissed. Around ten, I realized my phone was still in airplane mode. FML
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jerseyboy732 16

so your telling me you didn't ever attempt to text one of your friends or surf the web in those 8 hours?


There is nothing more baffling than people who can't write a good #1 comment, and then the idiots who threadjack on that comment, writing an even stupider comment.

jackovasaur 1

18 your comment is no exception seeing how stupider isn't even a word

Jackovasaur - Stupider is, in fact a word. Don't you feel stupider now?

jackovasaur 1

No u sound stupid for arguing with me about it please look it up for me cause I can't seem to find it

Right. If you google "stupider", the definition surely doesn't pop right up first on the list. Now you must feel the stupidest.

jackovasaur 1

Haha congratulations you win. U can use that word if you'd like but I think people sound stupid when they say it so I'll keep from using it myself. Your parents must be so proud of you

@41 Doc's parents are probably proud of him, considering he probably makes more money in a month than you do all year. That, and he understands how to use google. Gtfo, troll

You can use whatever words you like. I prefer ones that are found in the dictionary, but whatever floats your boat. And my parents were killed when a truck carrying dictionaries fell on them.

jackovasaur 1

A lot of people don't think it's a word and I'm one of them. And troll? Haha ok

Then a lot of people are idiots. And you're one of them.

Stupider and stupidest are not real words, it might seem like it is because a lot of people say it that way, but the proper ways to say it are "most stupid", "more stupid" and "least stupid"

Go die. See I put a full stop. Happy. Jackass.

It really is funny how we have joy from others suffering hahaha

Llama_Face89 33

32- I might have made a tolerably good buffoon, if I were a little stupider and a little more high-spirited - Aldous Huxley. A writer in the early 1900s. Not his use of the word "stupider".

Jackovasaur- why would you argue with doc bastard ._.

No let them go at it. It's fun to watch Doc tear someone to shreads in the comments.

Liltaco - Go open a dictionary. Turn to "stupider". Then come back here and apologise. Seriously, go do it now.

this exactly why i love reading the comments.

Doc, so your telling me to look it up on a dictionary? Dictionaries now a days put any stupid "word" if people use it enough, but by your logic, im guessing that you think "lol" is a word too since its in the dictionary, so go have fun with your dictionary doc

86-dictionaries keep track of our language because it's still developing, so yes, they do add new words to keep modern

Liltaco-Just shut up. Please for the love of all that is good and holy, shut the hell up! You're wrong. Get over it. Dragging on an argument because you're butthurt over your mistake is pointless. Every comment you post only makes you look dumber. Stupider is, despite what you're in denial about, a word. It is only correct, however, depending on the context in which you use it. Start reading the dictionary bud, instead of striking up invalids arguments with your superiors. And I suggest you do it now.

Liltaco, what exactly do you think a dictionary is? Do you understand the purpose of a dictionary? I have to assume you don't based on your sheer lack of comprehension here. Do yourself another favour and look up "dictionary" in the dictionary. I'll give you a hint: it's a compilation of words and their definitions. They are WORDS, not "stuff people put in some stupid book just because they feel like it". For ****'s sake get a ******* clue.

I got more enjoyment reading these comments, than the FML. Added to my favorites.

86- if dictionaries and the english language didnt change and develop we would still be using english of the elizabethan era. Or to put it in a language you may understand, go suckle on thy penis, and cometh back to apologise.

I wish you could favorite a thread. Thanks for the entertainment, ye dumb asses (and the people who tore them apart). Now lets all be nice and stop making these little fools cry.

Doc, I love you and I don't love easily! That is all, goodnight!

lebronesque73091 12

1- I hope people say that about you when unfortunate things happen to you.

After reading the enormous rant about whether the word "stupider" is a word, I had completely forgotten what the original FML was even about..

Wtf? Why is this thumbs down so much? It made his day, and that is good

manyourlifesucks 0

Always a dumbass comment on the end... Like DJ's...

Idonebeenhad 17

#42, he's not a troll, he's just that stupid.

The rule is: if the word is 3+ syllables , say more or most instead of adding er or est.

This is why you should always check your phone at least a few times a day.

While your point is valid, the "airplane mode" symbol on many phones is extremely small and usually in the corner of the phone. As a result, he may have checked his phone multiple times but never actually noticed the "airplane mode" icon.

How do you not check for something like that?

This is precisely the reason why I simply turn off my phone in such situations; it is much easier to notice a turned-off phone than one in airplane mode. I assume this person turned the phone onto airplane mode so they could use it during the flight (for games or something), and if this is the case, the OP deserved it for not switching the device back to normal mode immediately upon landing.

Oh that's terrible! ...explain that to the interviewer. Hopefully he/she will be understanding...I mean it's worth a try if you're still in NY

Who would hire someone unable to operate basic technology like a phone? The implications are huge, the losses a company could face because of something like this even bigger.

151- Basic technology? I shouldn't have to say more than that to make my position on what you said clear. Phones are not basic. Their interface may be somewhat "user-friendly," but the programming on all that's is very complex, and all the electronic components inside certainly aren't simple pieces of technology. Also, you can't just act as if all phones have a clear indicator of airplane mode. And if OP did get the job, I'd think they would give him a business phone, most likely one where he can easily tell if airplane mode is activated.

SkittlesPhotos 0

I know! OP Did you get the job?

Turns out you had lost "contact" with the person who was supposed to call you.

I tried to write a pun about cell phones, and this was the best one I could come up with. I said "contact" as in the guy couldn't call OP because of airplane mode, and "contact" because phones have lists of contacts. Proceed with thy down thumbeth.

Don't worry 4, I thought it was punny.

jmashini 13

It's a bigger fail when you need to explain the fail.

And by 3PM the next day you were back in the unemployment line.

And by 5 am you were..... Dead... Dislike trolls dislike away

And by 08.00 you got a call at last...

By 8 it was just to late, you had your shoes stolen in the unemployment line. The. You died at 8PM.

*then and *5 oops! I totally accept those thumbs down. :(

A week later he was the father of a herd of dingos.

jerseyboy732 16

so your telling me you didn't ever attempt to text one of your friends or surf the web in those 8 hours?

MonsterCommenter 4

82-If he/she was five, they wouldnt know how to type, read etc. So the commenter just was being weird…

Or a failed attemp to lure a child online using a language a five year old may understand... Pedo! BE GONE!!!!

90- My niece is five and she can read and type. Just saying.

sorry I read that somewhere a long time ago and always found it funny. forgive me for having a sense of humor and letting the kid in me come out sometimes. won't happen again.

I'm sorry, but how did you not notice your phone wasn't working? Also, IF you knew the number that was going to call you, why not try calling it? You'd notice that the call isn't going through and find out about the airplane mode earlier and could have switched it out. Anyways, I hope you get your once in a lifetime interview dilemma resolved! If you worked hard to get this opportunity, it would suck not to get it. (Trust me everyone, if you missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity, even if it was a stupid mistake, you'd be upset too!)

Um, hello... Your phone being in airplane mode isn't the first thing one would notice. Sometimes it may be a little airplane in the corner. Sometimes I don't notice because I turn it on by accident.

I'm not sure about you #36, but as soon as I get off an airplane my instinct is to turn it on/off airplane mode and call my loved ones. This is a total YDI. Given, it's absolutely horrible, but they deserve it.

perdix 29

I'm sure it will be OK if you explain what happened to your perspective employer. Companies are clamoring to staff up with incompetent assholes who can't use technology.

The first thing I do when I get off of a plane is to check my phone to turn it on and call someone to let them know I landed okay. I can't understand how someone doesn't realize their phone isn't working for that long.

perdix 29

I actually have my finger on the Airplane Mode button as the landing gear is about to touch the ground, so I can tell people I've landed and check FML. Not necessarily in that order ;)

spekledworf 18

Just out of curiosity, what is you're profile pic supposed to be? :)

31- my profile pic? If mine then shoes. Everyone takes a pic of their face so I took a pic of my feet. Lol. If perdix then an info sheet of what colors certain moods are.