By scared - 02/10/2011 21:21 - United States

Today, I went on a date at a restaurant with a guy. When he promised I wouldn't have to pay the bill, I didn't think he meant we'd be dining and dashing. FML
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He seems a bit cheap. I wouldn't be expecting any presents if you decide to go out with him.

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I'm hoping you don't go out on a date with him again ...


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Same here! But I'll chicken out'

So not only is he a cheepo but he got your face on the wanted list for the latest crimes. Smart idea!

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At least he had the balls to dine and dash... Tried to be positive but couldn't think of anything positive about him. FYL. I suggest you dump him.

YDI for going on a date with a bum that has no respect for businesses or the people that work there.

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i bet you felt pretty badass sneaking out of that diner.

Not the type of guy for a nice long term relationship

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I would break up with him if I were you. The waiters have to pay that money out of their paychecks

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god people why y'all keep saying break up with him or dump him? she went on a DATE with him not made him her boyfriend.

Like how u say y'all. I definitely read this in a country accent. This is not meant to be offensive btw

What if he owned the restaurant and he was a billionaire and he told all his dates that they wouldn't pay and pretend to dine and dash and see which of the women actually liked what he was not what he did? Sounds like a better story to me.

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He's a billionaire who wants to attract women who enjoy petty theft? Doesn't sound like a particularly well thought-out plan to me.

I'm from NY born & raised, we say y'all there too. Not just a country thing.

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@79 unless he wants them to like him for being a tool i dont really see how that plan is going to work. @OP run. get out of there. go back the following day with the guys name, phone number and address and tell the boss of the restaurant exactly what happened. never speak to the douchebag again unless youre as worthless as he is.

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ugh, i forgot one thing youre supposed to bring with you...the money for the bill...

You must live in the country... Staten Island

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wtf is wrong with all you people thinking this is a cool thing... you all are assholes... you know its still considered theft btw

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I'm hoping you don't go out on a date with him again ...

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Whatever atleast he is down for crazy shit. To many ******* in the world these days.

no... no it doesn't. It's caused by assholes.

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At least not to the same place muahaha.

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They just comp the meal and plus that all restraunts always way over price there food so it's not like it really puts them behind or anything.

He seems a bit cheap. I wouldn't be expecting any presents if you decide to go out with him.

Nahhh she'd receive presents, but they would be stolen ones ;)

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He didn't force you to fine and dash. If you feel so bad about it, you could have paid and went home without the date.

Ali_Br_fml 33

er I mean Dine & dash... swype doesn't always know what I want to say... But it's better than my ipod...

Omg I know what u an IM with my boyfriend, it changed "great" to "feet" LOL

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4- I agree, she's just game for the rush as well!

Maybe the girl didn't bring any money because he promised to pay for the meal

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True #28, but I always like to bring money with me just in case my date is horrible and I want to leave on my own terms... That would be enough for a cab/bus/train ride home, and my meal/event. That way he can't make me feel trapped in any way. The only good advice my evil almost-stepfather gave me was to carry vex money so I don't fall into a situation I don't need to be in. (yes he really was evil)

If I went on a date and that happened...he sure as hell wouldnt be getting screwed by ME that night! **** cheapskates!

Okay... I'll troll. Is what OP and her date did ANY different than taking out a girl, paying for both dinner and a movie... and then the girl NOT putting out, and leaving the poor undeserving guy with a case a blue balls? I think not.

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well, he stuck to his word. cant be too picky, now..

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Want to go to dinner with me? =]

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Classy choice... What a keeper. I hope you guys didn't go to a fast food place, by the way.

yeah. because you can dine and dash at a fast food restaurant ..