It burns

By WTF - 16/03/2011 22:05

Today, after my 22-year-old son realized that there was no more contact solution, he decided to use tequila because he thought it would "kill the germs." We had to go to the hospital to have his eyes flushed out. I raised this moron. FML
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perdix 29

I hope you did the Pee Wee Herman Tequila dance in the ER waiting room. That woulda showed him.

idiot everyone knows your suppost to use vodka


More like FHL..

MyChemical_fml 0

You know you're bad when you get moderated a few minutes after posting the comment... OP you raised a great person.. He could make millions, some people would actually pay to see someone do that. Myself included.

LOL I would pay to see that too! I also agree; it's pretty sad to be moderated right away, but now I'm curious as to what was written. Was it "First!"?? lol

wow, I read ur comment a couple minutes ago and now I'm obsessing over wat it was...OCD..

perdix 29

I hope you did the Pee Wee Herman Tequila dance in the ER waiting room. That woulda showed him.

hellogoodbye1996 6

I love that movie!!

rallets 22


na na na na na na TEQUILA!!

tjv3 10

I'm sorry OP ..... this is an example of why some animals eat their young

jrsgreenfire257 0

Lmao, Dont we all teach our children not to use Taquila as a safe alternative for contact solution? LMAO

jrsgreenfire257 0

oops i meant Tequila* lolololol

Haha, but yes, contact solution doesn't only kill germs, but proteins from the eyeball that get attached to the contact. Pee Wee Herman!

the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

Oh he's a KEEPER!!! Does he have problems with percentages and other mathematical equations??

win with reference

She kinda has to keep him-he is her son.

I see what you did there

meh, sorry y'all.. this comment was a fail for me. maybe next time .

msl1333 4

Of course he does. Hell, he's still working on his "adds" and "take-aways".

Prankster7o7 5

Yeeeah, that wasn't very funny. :/ Gonna have to side with MissBunny on that one.

kofinater 3

i mean, it would kill the germs, as well as the cells in his eyes . . .

alfa314314 4

166 Win, and Miss Bunny I feel like I've seen you on the last 5 FML's I've read

luke1998 0

129. ur only sideing with miss bunny cuz shes hot

rallets 22

im siding with MissHotty too ..err i mean MissBunny .. heyyy :D

GTFL_Later 0

your fault for being an alcoholic

how do you get that op is an alcoholic out of that? the son is 22, it very well could have been his tequila. besides, having alcohol doesn't make one an alcoholic. having to have it in your system at all times does.

it's still his fault for bieng an alcoholic

it's still his fault for bieng an alcoholic

it's still his fault for bieng an alcoholic

guckylynn 19

Being an alcoholic isn't only having to have alcohol in your system at all times. Binge drinking every weekend or every time you drink also makes you an alcoholic.

#93 u pretty much just called most teens and collage students all alcholics and no binge drinking WITH friends on the weekend or at a party does not make you an alcoholic. I'm not sure about the exact definition but it's something like this. an alcoholic will usually drinking during the day, by themself, almost everyday.

lol well I must be an alcoholic...

107 idk why but hour comment had me laughing my ass off

*your not hour -.- autocorrect -.-

it's still his fault for being an alcoholic...

matt1990 0

Kinda rude callin him a moron, buuuut, its true. Hes a complete moron.

Call them as you see them.

rallets 22

with my glasses on, but most of y'all dont get the picture unless the flash is on

heathersmorin 0

It's her son! She can call him anything she wants too. She carried him for 9 months, pushed his ass out, then has cared for him the last 22 years and so on. I would have slapped him up side the head them called him a moron

heathersmorin 0

It's her son! She can call him anything she wants too. She carried him for 9 months, pushed his ass out, then has cared for him the last 22 years and so on. I would have slapped him up side the head them called him a moron

fist of all you can't go around slapping people upside the head whether there your son or not. second neither does that give you a right to verbally abuse your kid. not that I'm implying that op does.

seriously guys? she just called him a moron. Im sure OP has been called worse. in fact, I'm sure you all have been called worse. OP isn't "verbally abusing" her kid. wow. if you want to go far enough with it, I'm sure you'll see that kids verbally abuse their parents. example: "I hate you" , "shut the fuck up you cant tell me what to do", and whatever else kids say these days.

duravian 1

wow if I could tell my parents to fuck off...

sammy92 0

58 I love that song!! lol

ilovepoppa 0

Ouchh!! I wonder where he got that idea... I would of put them in a water bottle or went out and bought some..

Corrections: would HAVE; GONE out. As a contact wearer I think OP should just use the daily type instead like I do... It's more convenient and usually there's no need for any contact solution.

#19 those kind are much more expensice than the monthly or weekly kind, not everyone can afford that. Having said that, I myself use the daily ones as well and they are so convenient.

I've used the same pair of contacts since September and they're still in great shape. Dailies are a total waste of money.

If he had enough money for tequila, he might have enough money for a cleaner (just saying, I personally don't wear contacts).

bridgette5866 0

Hey #7, you're a moron too. You can't put contacts in water. Ever gotten water in your eyes? It's not comfortable. Water doesn't have saline so it just hurts and doesn't do any good.

67: It's still better than tequila.

Doesn't anyone of you think that he put the alcohol in his eyes on purpose? I saw something on tv about college kids pouring alcohol into their eyes to get drunk faster! Maybe OP's son wanted to try that and needed a story to tell his mom when all went wrong.

I agree with 73. Kids in college can do the stupidest things.

JonathanHunter 0

There is no need to get offensive. It might be of interest to you, that hard contact lenses can be stored in water just fine. It also does not burn when putting them in the eye, as the amount of water on the contact lens is minuscule when putting it in. Whenever my eyes feel dry, I take out the contact lenses, hold them under running tap water and then put them back in. This saves conditioning solution and feels just the same.

therefore 77 you are going to go blind. my optometrist told me that if I put water on my contacts it would cause blindness

77 water is something you use on occasion in the absence of contact solution... it's not supposed to be used all the time...

msl1333 4

wow, I can't believe I'm doing this, but I will so you children will stop fighting. Contact solution is nearly 100% water. It has some salts and other additives in it which buffer the solution (keeps the pH constant around physiological concentrations; a pH of appx. 7.5) most tap water is slightly acidic ( pH of around 6). So it is not really comfortable to have that in your eye, but the small amount of water alone wouldn't really hurt. it's more likely the additives in our water (i.e. fluorides, etc.) that could cause damage.

Yes 118 it is. But tap water is in NO way 100% water...

Now I feel stupid I didn't read your entire paragraph because I'm too lazy -.- Ignore my comment.

pinkcd3 0

charlie sheen REALLY?..pff should of put linday lohan

Rainhawk94 27

#77 you're a nitwit. tap water has iron in it and other minerals that cause eye damage

I'm sorry OP, I feel your pain. Since he's 22 the blame isn't on your parenting, it's on him for not making a smart choice.

-will this hurt? (pours tequila) -AAH FU**!!!!!!

this kids a dumb @$$!!

I tend to wonder if this vodka was originally stored in a super soaker..

whatcha mean is tequila

shit did I say vodka? mehh. sorry I've got It on the brain xD

I liked the super soaker kid's creativity, it would have been a win had he not sprayed his father! I mean come on, make up an excuse and run! This guy, however, is a total moron.

GTFL_Later 0

your 5

MY five? Oh my, it's clearly your 5. I have a 10. A 5 is for losers and lower class. Scoff.

idiot everyone knows your suppost to use vodka

haha of course!!

rompgr 0


You mean bleach. Bleach is the better option. Definitely.