So shite

Today, my date left the restaurant because I didn’t agree with his opinions about the mentally disabled or mixed race couples, etc. Basically, a real scumbag. He also left me the bill, and it turned out he had all the most expensive menu items, including a £120 bottle of wine. It cost over £300 total. FML
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By  hugtrees13  |  16

He didn’t see you as a good match either🤷🏻‍♂️he could’ve paid for his half sure but why is he obligated to pay for your dinner?(if you’re not a good match)

  MadiGirl24  |  18

....??? It literally isn't??? He left them to pay the whole bill, it doesn't mean, "Oh no, I can't believe he didn't pay for the whole thing."

They're lamenting that they were left to pay for the whole thing. He made the choice to get really expensive things and then bail. Even if it's a shitty date, that's a dick move, and that's what the OP was complaining about.

By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

Sounds like you were setup. Did he originate the questionable topics?