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Today, I went on a dinner date with the guy I like. He ate all his food then started eating off my plate, going on to eat over half of my food. When the bill came, he made me pay for it. FML
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noobsauce. don't date people like that

Don't be sexist, bitches don't like that.

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Oh, I see what you did there!

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If I'm never going on a date again with that guy, I wouldn't care if I come across as rude. I'm super nice but not when I feel someone is taking advantage of me, I always speak up. Damn OP, those left overs could have been today's lunch.

yeah right, chivalry is so dead... she is a lady, ladies should be treated to dinner and dates... thats just how it goes if you want everything to work out

No... but they shouldn't have to pay for the food they didn't eat unless they offer. Everyone should go on a date expecting to pay for their own food unless told otherwise.

@ #14 God forbid we be rude! I mean, its not like he nicked half the OPs food and forced her to pay for the meal...

81- you are so hot I wish I was born with a dick so I could have a chance in hell!!!!

Actually, it's "anyway". By saying "anyway" you're implying that there's more than one way, so, no need to put the "s". Better lick next time, "moron".

anyway. (see, that's how you properly use it) judging from your daft responses you sound like you grew up on MTL road. so, have a goodnight!

So the girl who's bitching about anyway vs. anyways is the same chick who said she wished she had a dick? Okay.

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Unfortunalely I did not see what you did there :'( anyone care to explain!..

What kind of girls do you know? I'm a healthy eater, but I've never just ordered lettuce and diet soda. :P

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It is not considered normal for a chick to just eat off a guys plate. It's considered rude no matter what gender, if they do it without permission. It is also considered exceedingly rude to eat half of someone's meal and then still expect them to pay for the whole thing, regardless of gender.

6- if we all just ordered whatever we want then we'd look like you.

55 - any reason why you needed to be such a bitch?

58: How is that being "a bitch?" I'm simply stating that a lot of women do that on the first date.

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The overwhelming negative response to your comments are likely from women who do this all the time. My female friends do it to me, it makes me want to ******* scream. I order fries, they don't because of constant crash diet. I don't actually end up getting any fries. ******* RAGE. I think it's just less common in men, I've never had a male friend do that (though OP clearly is an exception)... tl;dr It's not sexist, it's true.

71- She was directing it to that blond moron there, that's why it clearly says "55" .

95- you had to point that out to 71, yet I'M the moron. ooooooo-kay!!

You are. Judging by your comment directed to 42 on the fourth post. " Your so hot I wish I was born with a dick..." Anyways, no need to bring people down like that by making fun of how they look.

Oh Hun, don't worry! "moron" is a Term I use to describe ANYONE. Wheter they are a cruel heartless bitch, or just stupid.

oh "hun", don't you worry.... I'M not worried! ;)

55- You should probably remove the stick that's up your ass. Maybe you wouldn't be so bitter.

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Eat quicker, or once he started you should have started shoveling it all in your mouth. Then pounded your fist on the table and yelled, "FIRST!"

Something tells me there won't be a next time...

what's the wager that he's over 250 kg?? MorbidlyObesePeopleFTW

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If you're going to be a smartass about weight, you need to learn math. A kg is 2.2 pounds, and unless her date was a dwarf, 250kg is not overweight, much-less morbidly obese.


500 pounds isn't considered obese?! I'm from the U.S. and I even think that's way too fat.

250kg is definitely morbidly obese. Who's the wannabe smartass now? Idiot.

250n kg converts to about 551lbs which is definitely obese. Perhaps you should take your own advice sallen0046 and learn the math.

I agree with all you guys, but who weighs bodies in kg? O.o

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Doortje, if the person was 10'5" tall, they come in at a BMI of 25, making them a healthy weight.

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That's one of the biggest fails I've ever seen.