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Today, I tried to lose my virginity to my boyfriend of a year. We're almost twenty. In the end, we both chickened out and played Pokémon instead. FML
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Much more fun and less painful :) but don't worry about it, maybe it just wasn't the right time. You guys will get there, OP :)


Much more fun and less painful :) but don't worry about it, maybe it just wasn't the right time. You guys will get there, OP :)

The thrill of catching a legendary Pokemon as a kid is close to that of having sex when you're older :)

if you are saying that playing a stupid kids game is much more fun then having sex, first time or not, you are doing everything wrong.

#66 you're 19ys old. How the hell can you say when you're older when you are not even as old as the OP? Seriously if people or young adults would tear their faces away from video games, their phones, and the T.V. and come back into the real world maybe you and OP would figure out that there is no better feeling then having great SEX!!!!!!!!

#85, he meant when you're older than you were as a kid. I wouldn't say being 19 years of age is being a kid. That or #66 started having sex at 6.

that's just your opinion, i'm Asexual and playing Skyrim or Pokemon is something i'd rather do than have sex,

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Sex is so overrated.Nearly every is doing it by 12 years of age. I rather play Pokemon or watch some Doctor Who.

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Sex isn't a special thing to anyone anymore. It's just pleasure to most people. So if OP wants to wait and play pokèmon, I support :)

91, that's because you're Asexual. Of course you wouldn't find sex as appealing as a video game. It's likely that sex isn't appealing to you all together. At least OP tried, but yeah it is better to wait until you're really ready for sex. Your first time shouldn't be squandered.

Sex isn't special to ANYONE? Speak for yourself. If some people would rather play pokemon or other video games, cool for them. I'd rather snuggle up with my man's meat sausage and bring one another to physical bliss. And to OP, dont rush it. When the moment is right, you'll know and it will be magical. Until then, enjoy everything that you love in life.

Please excuse the behaviour of #85. Sex can be good, sex can be great even... But only when you're ready and willing and it's with the right person. I completely support OPs opinion to play a "kid game" and wait for the right moment. Too many of my generation around here have lost their virginity for a fashion opinion.

Sex isn't special to anyone anymore, it's overrated? Only in your opinion, becaulse for plenty of others that's bullshit. The "overrated" argument is such shite that I could also say: Pokémon is overrated, skyrim is overrated, but it doesn't mean anything substantial because it's just a bullshit claim (although to me, not completely untrue)

So what you are saying is that every sexual intercourse is painful? That's absolute false.

Well 132, if it doesnt hurt just a little, it's not worth it for me. ;) But then again, I'm a bit of a freak.

132-- I think they are talking about the first time for women. Op-- it is okay to still be a virgin, it is not a race to lose it. When the time is right, it will happen. My boyfriend and I were not close to being each other's first, but it still took us a few tries before it happened. Just relax, don't stress too much, and everything will fall into place.

1, are you implying that Pokémon isn't painful? You've obviously never played competitively.

By the sounds of it #85 you think that if someone enjoys doing anything but having sex they're sad? If that's the case, I really feel for you. You should maybe try putting it away for a while and finding a hobby, it can be so much more enjoyable. Sex is fun yes, but in my experience only when you're doing it with someone who means something to you and when you mean something to them. To have great sex you need trust and communication. Sex with someone you barely know is just that - sex. It's not great, it doesn't mean anything and you've essentially given your entire body to someone who doesn't care about you but merely the holes you have and there's hardly a more degrading thing to do to yourself. Sure, if some young ladies like doing that, no-one's stopping you but just think whether you want to be a 'good-time girl' for everyone or wife material. Not to say 'wife material' can't enjoy sex, they're just respectable about themselves and who they choose to do it with.

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131 - I say sex is overrated because everyone us doing it. It's the main topic now a days. Sex is what produce the show 16 and pregnant. Don't have shows about kids obsessed with games or anything. So to me, yes, sexy is overrated. Only enjoy it with someone who means something to you.

#85 - You are getting up #66 saying that they aren't even as old as OP but if you actually learnt to read properly you would've noticed that the FML clearly states that they are ALMOST 20.

#83 clearly you've never played Pokémon. Its not the best thing in the world but its pretty damn close :)

I don't see why in hurry to have sex. If your not ready it's ok. And make sure you're doing it with the right guy too.

I don't know... Pokemon is pretty hardcore... It can get pretty painful...

#124 don't worry about my "actions" and don't excuse anything that has to do with me. I do agree that it is a good thing that they did not force the issue. And that maybe they should wait a little longer until they think the time is right.

They're talking about the first time, surely?

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Nope! 23 yo who enjoys Pokemon more than sex here!

Is there such a thing as strip Pokémon? I know nothing of Pokémon. Know a few things about sex, especially that it can be mind-blowing for consenting partners (granted, practice makes perfect) But I applaud OP's decision. If you don't feel it, don't do it.

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85 sex does feel good, but only if you're ready for it. If you force yourself to have sex when your not ready you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Sex can be great, but it can also be the worst mistake of a persons life.

frizz101 22

I'm sorry 122 but referring to your mans member as "meat sausage" just proves that you don't view sex as a special thing, but as something of pleasure.

Yeah like number 1 said you'll get there but no need to rush. And hopefully you both will enjoy it more and stay together for a long time. If it's meant to be that is

226, He's not trying hard enough. ;) I like it how I like it. Everyone is different. 270, there is nothing wrong with loving pet names. In my case, "meat sausage" is expressing my love for my man's package.

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I'd say someone likes sex quite a lot. Sex isn't for everyone. OP, don't even worry about it.(: when you're both ready, you'll be able to do it.

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Much. More. Fun? You must haven't met the one. sex is awesome !

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The first few times aren't that great anyway. Virgin sex sucks. Any how, we'll go with the cliche phrase " when the time is right it'll happen". Until then have fun playing pokemon you little rascals!

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if its overrated then you're most likely doing it wrong

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Well a 5 minute push up session isn't much fun anyway. Sounds like you know all about that

I have a feeling a lot of people that are downvoting all the "sex isn't overrated" comments must not be getting any. Don't be jelly, guys.

Are all of you people like this here on this site?

133- if you were trying to correct their grammar, there is nothing to correct. Apostrophes are used for conjunctions as well as possession.

159, yes. Join us. Become one of us! One of us! One of us!

pokemon? over sex? I mean I could see video games or movies but pokemon?

You've obviously never played it. Battles against friends can be pretty intense. Trophies may be awarded.... Tears may be shed....

I've seen physical fights break out over a pokemon battle. It's kinda sad but really funny to watch.

I finally signed up on this website just so I could tell you your profile pic is AWESOME! Les Mis FTW!

You guys probably weren't ready. It's okay, at least you had fun right?

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Excuse me. Not to be rude or anything, but who doesn't have fun playing Pokemon? Especially someone who just picked over a fun time!

I agree. If you don't have fun playing Pokémon, don't play it at all.

Hey OP, if you're not ready, you're not ready. There is no rule except do it when you both really feel like it. Your age or what of other people do is of no consideration in the matter.

'Lemme lickitung ur cloyster' was maybe not a very good start..

"Lemme pikachu jigglypuffs" probably wasnt the best either

Swing and a miss 103. Next time don't force it. It'll come on its own.

Pokémon, protecting people's virginity since 1996!

Wait until marriage. Watch me get tons of dislikes for saying that

I don't look down on you for celibacy and agree that it has it's place but you really shouldn't tell others how to live their life. Pick convictions and follow them without forcing them onto others.

I agree with that completely! both the comment and the reply. no down vote for you!

You should test drive before you buy. Of course I don't believe in marriage so I prefer to lease, it's easier to trade up.

aren't you cool. I'm sure the ladies love you, knowing that you won't care about them after a certain point. women are so much more than just a pair of legs and a few holes. kind of makes me feel bad for you that you're missing out on having someone special in your life. but hey, there's something for everyone, so you do you buddy. you're cool.

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It's funny how the spread of likes and dislikes on comments like these give you a clear picture of where most of the site's traffic comes from :)

26, we're talking about women, not cars. You're in the wrong fml.

I lost my virginity at 18 and I'm now 28. I'm engaged to be married and my fiance and I live together. We decided that we wouldn't have sex until our wedding night. Part of it was his parents not liking the fact that we live together before marriage. But it's mostly our decision. Although it is hard not to have sex it's actually brought us closer in other aspects of our relationship. And there's nothing wrong with playing video games! Go Pokemon!!

cryssycakesx3 22

me and my boyfriend are practicing celibacy...

RedPillSucks 31

@12 I believe #8 was making a suggestion, not telling people how to live their life. People can give advice. Its not the same as forcing people to live a particular way. It's up to the listeners to determine whether to accept it or not.

He's not forcing anyone to do anything, 12. He's sharing his opinion just as you shared yours.

#26, Way to make a great impression on women and OP. You sound like such a douche.

waiting until marriage is dumb in my opinion first of all its mostly a practice among religious people who don't appreciate sex and second of all you will probably be disappointed with sex if you wait that long.

WhisperSoflty 20

Uhh, 87. If Christians don't appreciate sex, how do you explain all of the Catholic, Mormon, etc. families with half a dozen kids? If that's too abstract an example for you, let me introduce myself: Christian, have only ever slept with my husband, and freaking LOVE sex. I waited until I was a month shy of my 19th birthday to have sex the first time. And ya know what? It was an awesome experience. I chose to wait until I was truly in love, and the waiting made it better. So you can poo-poo this person's choice to wait, or you can decide to not be a judgmental asswaffle. You pick.

16, I love the contrast your picture gives your comment.

#26 well according to your views on women I wouldn't be surprised if you end up alone, just because you don't believe in marriage doesn't mean you should treat women like objects or posessions

I disagree completely 87. I am a Christian who loves having sex with my wife. Being Christian does not make you stupid to pleasure.

I have a general guide line myself on this issue. Marriage is just a pice of paper making an official commitment and causing two people to start sharing half there stuff with each other. I know it's supposed to be more than that but look at how many fail. I feel you can be with somebody in a normal relationship care for them and they care about you and it still be a commitment only without the law being involved.

143 - Of course there's nothing wrong with waiting until marriage if that's their decision, but I fail to understand what waiting for marriage does to show respect for you and your partner. I would think that the respect thing comes with respecting when your partner is ready, and that should be done without regards for your marital status.

26, I don't think your trade ups are worth being proud of. You're an ugly m effer who has a terrible personality/attitude. Enjoy your ride thinking you're cool, though!

Just have to get his Metapod to use harden

they might want to watch out for his string shot as well...

All of you currently experiencing cold weather, Professor Wilson of the Northern Region says to try the move Flamethrower. And you people living in Miami who can't get water in your pool? Prof. Wilson also recommends the move Hydro Cannon.

When it happens, it happens, if you pressure it, you can get it done but it'll suck. Something so big, do you wanna just check it off a list?