By Daddy - 10/11/2008 12:06 - France

Today, I gave my son a bollocking for losing a very important paper that I needed for work. I've just found it in my right pocket. FML
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xMooMoox 0

Son you lost my paper go canoe in that lake!!! It means an argument you guys.

F14Shado 0

I think that means beating..


_shit_happens_ 0

a row?

Daft_Punk709 0

FIRST!!! (to comment to the first comment)

Hope you learned OP. Fucking idiot.

You can't give someone a row, so I'm guessing that in this situation, it doesn't mean a fight.

BeforeItWasCool 12

In some parts of Europe to give someone a row means to tell them off, or to argue.

F14Shado 0

I think that means beating..

I'm sorry, but reading this FML makes me mad. You should never, and I mean never beat your kids. It makes me sick.

idk, corporeal punishment has some benefits I mean, it did me some good. I'm not in jail :)

thatonetribute 31

A row is a fight. Not beating.

If it does, then he should pay him back with something like money or perhaps a game.

Phantom034 0

Kid might be holding that over your head for a little while.

And if the kid doesn't I hope his mother does!

I know I would.

xMooMoox 0

Son you lost my paper go canoe in that lake!!! It means an argument you guys.

frozenshake 5

lol "row"

ihaswaffle 0


Lol! I lost it when I read this.

MukyDaCookie 0

AHAHAHHA your kids going to grow up to be a drug dealer and probably be in the system before his 16th birthday. Have fun paying bail

LiLOnE 0

wtf is row

U should read number 4 and learn a new word!

jkilla6 0

he told the kid off people. i bet you felt like an ass, i've done the same sort of thing so many times.

my mum always does the same thing to me and it pisses me off like hell. YDI and he should probably give you a "row" now whatever that is.

PaperxHearts_xox 0

My mother does that all the time. and to give a row means a beating, spanking, general discipline. but at least you know to check your pockets before blaming someone.

Everyone listen to dis guy

derailed 1

I give myself a row all the time

I can give you one too.... heh heh