By kaitlintaylor - 07/11/2010 21:24 - United States

Today, my family went to a football game. It was a little cold, but then it started to rain. I wasn't dressed for rain and I'd left my umbrella in the car. My dad wouldn't let us leave our seats for the whole game. FML
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OP, you wouldn't survive in Washington or Oregon.

If you pay 25 cents to watch a bad football game don't expect your quarterback. :)


So? stop being lazy and get it yourself!

dad wouldn't let her Leave

Ha I knew this post was from a female. Deal with it and stop whining.

If you pay 25 cents to watch a bad football game don't expect your quarterback. :)

Good one Selena :)

at least you werent where a white shirt?

OP is your dad joseph fritzl? if not grow a dick and go get the umbrella

At least they weren't where a white shirt? Finish you sentence. Maybe where a white shirt is? But that would be inconvenient for the white shirt wearer that you were near, as white shirts become see through when wet.

No worries 21 =]

quit being a pu$$y

It was already cold? And you couldn't see that it might rain..?

she couldn't help getting wet down there...

Do they even allow umbrellas into stadiums?

No. Ever since that guy snuck in an umbrella to the Superbowl and killed 49 people. Remember? T'was a bloodbath.

I thought it was more just blocking the view of other fans was the issue.

That's another reason.

Sooooo? Getting soaked in the rain is awesome! =D

OP, you wouldn't survive in Washington or Oregon.

I would love to live there! I love rain!!

or ohio. if its 70 and sunny on monday, then chances are it'll be 30 and raining on tuesday. then on wednesday its nearing sub-zero temps and a few feet of snow. thursday its going to be a tornado. friday were lookin at a hail storm. saturday, itll top 90 and be sunny. sunday you can expect a little bit of snow.

where do u live

FYL for having to sit in the rain. The only time I don't mind being in the rain is at a concert.

Prepare next time.

A lot of places don't allow umbrellas because it blocks other peoples views. You should have brought a rain coat instead.

looks like that football game is ruined for you.

it's not that bad.... but I enjoy staying in the rain :) but hope you didn't get sick :)