By unlovedmommy - 08/05/2014 21:49 - United States - Rowlett

Today, my four year old son came into the restroom while I was applying my make-up, and asked me "Mommy, are you putting on make-up so that someone will love you?" FML
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OP here! My son says funny things like this frequently, and it never offends me! I encourage his sense of humor, even if he doesn't know what he's saying or why it's funny! I even tell other people about it, so they can get a laugh too. I was encouraged by my brother to post on fml, because it was that funny! He'll tell me sometimes that I don't look pretty yet until I've completed my make-up. That question made my day. After he said it, I just started laughing really hard, and said that was funny. He said it wasn't funny, and told me to stop laughing, which made it funnier! I'm married, so I'm not trying to get someone to love me. I don't really wear a lot of make-up anyway, so it's not really the "high school girl make-up" thing either. And I am an adult. Oh yea, and I say "restroom"! Thanks for all the caring and funny comments! :)

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"No, son, I'm applying makeup to look like I'm young enough for you to have never happened at all."


enoeht 16

Her silence speaks loudly

Whatever the reason, it's still better than having him walk in on OP during sex...

What if OP's son added "... because if that's why you wear makeup, you don't have to because I love you just the way you are!" :D That would be cute lol

That's what I want to ask every high school girl!

sweetnsourrr 11

Yeah, thats why girls wear make up...

jazzy_123 20

I don't wear makeup so someone will love me. I wear it because it completes my look every day and it makes me feel even more confident. Lots of women can say the same... and I know there's some that go overboard Lol

badluckalex 23

although I prefer no makeup on a girl, I think some look good with it. I agree, though, that a lot of women do go overboard... especially in high school

sweetnsourrr 11

sorry, I was being sarcastic because I thought her comment was pretty ignorant. I completely agree with #20, that is why most girls wear makeup. I was going to say I wear makeup because I love it, but instead I left a sarcastic comment. lol

buttcramp 21

I'm not in high school but when I was (and even now) I wear makeup for ME. It makes me feel good when I put time and effort into my appearance even though I know I don't need it, it's fun!

So you are saying you wear makeup, not so someone else can love you, but so you can love yourself? Maybe thats what the kid wassubty trying to convey this idea of her own value being found in makeup to his this kid is deeeeep lol

Actually 39 what you prefer is called the all natural look with make up where women apply make up so well you can't really tell they are wearing any. Unless you really do like the real all natural look with sexy pimples, red patches of skin, and baggy eyes.

Just.. Just the accuracy of this comment.. It's so true.

Kids say some of the most insulting things D:

But they are the cutest, when they say it... They have it all thought out :O!

I feel like the kid might've seen something on t.v. and just repeated it...

Hahahaha someone got burned by her four year old son!

jazzy_123 20

"No, son, I'm applying makeup to look like I'm young enough for you to have never happened at all."

How do you know she's not already that young?

sexpectations 15

kids say the darnedest things. now I see why the euphemism exists

That's not a euphemism. Just a saying.

sexpectations 15

I was referring to "darnedest", my bad