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  MDoremis  |  38

If it's so embarrassing in the first place, why bother bragging about it? It greatly reduces the risk of finding out that one, his bragging wasn't true, and two, she would feel the need to correct his erroneous statements.

I would personally prefer keeping mum on the subject and if she spilled the beans it makes her look like a bitch instead if him like a braggart.

  coatl45  |  11

If the guy doesn't want her gossiping about it, he wouldn't be talking about it in the first place. Plenty of guys from my school was bragging about their exploits, but I believed that about as much as I believe Area 51 stories. Never had much interest in bragging myself.

  deathshead  |  19

57 gotta love hearing the guys at school bragging aboit their 7 foot dicks, which is bigger than they are and wouldnt even fit in their pants, and yet magically no dicks dragging on the floor...

By  betweenwinds  |  18

Let him brag to his friends this once (embarrassing him won't help anything), but also let him know that you heard and now expect his performance to (eventually) match up to his boasts. He'll improve with some practice. ;)

  Axel5238  |  29

If he's willing to boast about the pounding he apparently gave her I doubt calling on it will do him good. Plus, why bother? He turned into a a complete wuss during sex and now wants to brag? It wasn't just a white lie it was full on slammed into douche lie. I doubt the guy would be willing to improve and if he's that insecure fuck it. Everyone is nervous their first time. Shit I get nervous first time with someone new, doesn't mean you gotta lie about how good you are in bed. No shame in learning, but kinda hard to teach that.

  MisterEx  |  28

#11, if you are in a relationship, your partner is one lucky bastard to have a woman as wise as you are.

If you are single, someone will be one lucky bastard to have a woman as wise as you are.

I am from the Middle East. So my offer to wife you is 2 camels and a baby goat.