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  analisemarie  |  12

I was going to thumb you up Ring13 but....there's 69 thumbs ups.
Don't want to ruin that. I'll just leave this here.

  osnapitzaris  |  0

thats okay, there's currently 90 thumbs up now. lol

  Valdrek  |  26

Hahaha nice one!

  jizzwold  |  21

It's possible that they aren't that young but they are/were really sheltered. I wish the op would always follow up on their fmls so we could have answers to things like this.

  ALlamaOnFire  |  20

The only thing that worries me is that they spent time trying to work out how to insert his penis into her. There's a choice of 2/3 ... openings and the third one is not even visible...

  ntherewas1  |  11

Agreed. But I was actually wondering, if OP is able to use the Internet to access FML, surely the internet could give fruition to many, many, many, many 'tips' on sex??

  supermonke07  |  0

I'm 13 and I know what it is and how to do it. (not saying that I did. Im waiting till I'm ready) but seriously age isn't the problem here. It's just stupidity. We watch those scenes In movies and tv shows all the time and yet they still don't know.

  stevenJB  |  25

Lol. 13year olds? There's 11 year olds getting prego round here


314-I'm 13 and in 6TH GRADE the puberty movie thingy showed us EVERYTHING and my (thankfully male) 6TH GRADEteacher told us EVERYTHING that the movie didn't; condoms, sex toys, ect. What's your problem?

  Awes0meperson  |  10

You know your body is mature enough at 13, but you just don't have the responsibility to handle a child. A 4 and 5 year old had a child once (long ago, in China I think.)

  mataocike  |  3

Var AgeA=you age;
Var AgeB= his age;
var canMakeLove? AgeA>=18&& AgeB>18:ture|false;
if( canMakeLove){
Var A= Rod;
Var B= Slot;
Var timeA=orgasm time;
if(var timeB=0;timeB<timeA;timeB++){
Insert A into B;
pull out A;

  Talis99  |  26

Well, then Guinness, news reporters, and video and hospital records are wrong. She was five, she is from Peru, and both child and mother survived. And yes, it can happen, for a variety of reasons, to start early.