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  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

oooh ooooh I want to do one. uhhh ummmm ahhhh eeekkkk blurp Uhhhh ahem ugh uhhh ummm

organic pussy!!! I really hope someone hasn't said this.

wouldn't it be funny if the person was asking what the OP meant by cant get it up.

  x_the_lancer_x  |  13

Wow 56... All I can say is that you are way too young for this app, unless you are trolling. Which is also a great possibility. Either way, it really bugs me that such uneducated people are on this app... But hey, it's the Internet and nobody can really do much about it without pissing people off so... Yeah. Try waiting awhile and become more educated on "mature" topics, and then come back? Anyway, I am going to just leave you alone, and stop "feeding the troll" because I am most likely doing that.

  TrippingOnAcid  |  29

#252 Correct me if I'm wrong but to my knowledge being unfamiliar with the term "OP" does not constitute a lack of education on "mature topics". Go fuck yourself.

By  Fishfanatic  |  7

Don't worry OP, first time nerves are very common indeed and will tend to happen if you constantly worry about how you're going to perform when the time comes. I know everyone say's relax, and it's a cliche but it is a true one. Don't take it too seriously, and please don't think that it has to be like any porn film you may have watched, because real life sex is really not like that for the most part . They aren't called actors for nothing ( for all that the penetration is real ) .

Just have fun and calm down.