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By Anonymous - 09/06/2011 20:32 - United States

Today, I put lemon juice in my hair as a cheap and easy way to get highlights. I left it in my hair and I laid out in the backyard to get some sun. The sunshine wasn't the only thing that found me; it seems every bug in the neighborhood is now hiding in my hair. FML
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braasilianx0 4

lol stereotypical much? 4.8 gpa, going to medical school. try again.


NiqueKristan92 0
braasilianx0 4

I'm a hairdresser, and to me you sound very, very stupid for doing this.

ImmortalKratos 0

lol the hair dresser calling people stupid

braasilianx0 4

lol stereotypical much? 4.8 gpa, going to medical school. try again.

johnson94 5

damn 33... how does it feel to be proven wrong haha.

34- Wow I thought 4.0 was as high as you could go..

braasilianx0 4

nope, my school has different grading. I go to a tech highschool.

With extra courses and extracurriculars you can go a LOT higher than 4.0. I'm 4.2

I hope by different grading, you don't mean your school goes by a ten-point scale

braasilianx0 4
sxe_beast 11

Did you know that the plural for cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac?

imacreeper 3
Idonebeenhad 17

at my school, AP classes can give 5 points for an A A-5 B-4 C-3 D-1 E-0 (we use E's instead of F's for whatever reason)

Maybe because it's the next letter of the alphabet?

FMLoverAgain 7

E for eww. they don't want you guys to like F-king too much!

my school is a 4.8 scale but were changing to 4.0 next year. it makes more sense. and I doubt that hairdesser is completely honest. a 4.8 is pretty much impossible. especially if you have time to become a hairdresser.

braasilianx0 4

no, I'm being completely honest. 4.8 is possible. tech schools in my state is property of the state, instead of the town/city. so we have lots of different ways to things. and hairdressing is included in there, but we all have extra academic classes we could take. if you take out lunch an study halls and replace it with a class it's an extra class which means extra points, depending on how many days you go to the extra classes. so in that case, yes, it is possible.

IHeartJimi02 0

What's up with all the stereotypes about hairdressers? You guys are idiots. I'm sure there may be stupid hairdressers but there stupid people in every profession.

^god I hope not, I wouldn't want any doctor to be stupid, that just scares me. is it even possible for a doctor to be stupid?

101 - just because a doctor passed med school doesn't mean he or she is smart. I've experienced many stupid doctors (also some great doctors). Some appear to have passed by memorisation, it seems, as apposed to actually understanding and thinking. Have you never heard complaints of stupid doctors?

Yukon the amount of highschool drop outs are sky-rocketing.

Lolxd3612 0

My freind had the same thing happen to him but he posted his whole situation at lemonparty ().()org kinda similar

I was gonna say I "dyed" laughing but too many puns. 8)

zach456 0

oh ya smart people power ight

Seriously, its cool that someone has a 4.8 GPA and the highest you can go is 5.0 but im prolly gonna be the only one to say.. Noone gives a shit ..

#34 So you're going to medical school at night, or are you a hairdresser at night? Just trying to picture how you've worked that out.

bezach 0

sure you can be intellagent but you can also be stupid at the same time...

Why isn't anyone commenting about the actual FML, instead of just seeing who's smarter? o.O

TylersMB 0

184 - because thats the way it always is on here .. lol

gan4sula 2

wow I only had 2.9. but I program your phones

firefail1031 0

yes its very possible... I see it all the time. though not as common as dumb nurses

firefail1031 0

intelligent hahahahah good one

bettyboodooyou 0

yes there is.. portervile ca.. horrible doctors..

yak526 0

dont belive you at your a hair dresser who has a 4.8 GPA? ok fine maybe because its a hobby. but if your going you going to med. school why did you say your in a tech school? you make know sense?

yeah I don't really believe you either... I don't want to be rude to you, but it really doesn't add up; you have a baby, you go to tech school, you're a hairdresser and you go to medical school... yet your grammar and spelling leave something to be desired... it sounds unlikely.

braasilianx0 4

198 I said I'm in a tech HIGHschool. I'm not in college yet and to whoever asked if I'm going to med school at night no, I'm going after I graduate. and I never took hairdressing at night. Its in highschool. lol is it so hard to understand?!

braasilianx0 4

202 wtf I don't have a baby?! lol as in baby I meant my boyfriend. what the ..

braasilianx0 4

but im done here, got way off topic but proved my point that hairdressers are not stupid, yea sure there can be stupid ones but not all. &i don't really care if people from fml, who I've never met before, don't believe it. I've said what I needed to say and I know where I'm going with my life. bye ..have a good day everyone :))!!

and to me, u sound like a judgmental douchebag.

sxe_beast 11

Did you know that flossing daily will reduce your risk of getting heart disease?!

braasilianx0 4

not sure who I was judging, but sureeee.

PurpleRae420 0

Well that's just lovely and sticky o.O

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maiimpressivetit 0

I think you're talking about yourself.

Azzze 2

yeah right, she had a 4.8 and my dick it fifteen inches long and five inches thick! medical school my big hard dick. hahaha

Azzze 2

ok. yeah WHATEVER!!!! haha. take you P.retty H.ard D.ick and kick rocks

fmlluver1415 6

lol.... I'm sorry but I think it's funny how everyones talkin bout gpa's just for a little msj (:

last time I checked you couldn't just jump into med school after high school. typically you go to college so you can get your prereqs done for the mcat. some good schools offer you undergrad and md with a special program they have. or is it different in brazil?

let me be the first to mention that just because you took a hairdressing course in high school does not make you a hairdresser. I took physics courses but that definitely does not make me a physicist.

tweetbaby14 18

so, 210, according to you, taking a class for something in high school makes you qualified in that field? if that's the case, then I am a professional chemist, author, mathematician, economist, government official, auto mechanic, play write/ actress. wow :o

I'm a professional lier. I was also the first person on the moon.

braasilianx0 4

um no, but I actually am a professional hairdresser. I'm licensed. for hairdressing, cosmetology, and barbering. it's just like hair school, in a technical school. we got a kit freshman year with clippers, shears, rollers, makeup brushes, everything little thing you can think of. senior year you take state boards to get your license if you pass. I have a license, therefore, yes, I am a professional. don't be so ignorant next time I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. :)

braasilianx0 4

just google Henry Abbott Tech. like I said last time, I'm done explaining myself lmfao. do some of you live under a rock?! considering you never heard of a technical highschool.

penelopecruise 2

flying pigs are possible. I mean if they had wings, and could defy gravity, and could flap those things faster than a mufug... sounds to me like the countless exceptions you just made at your "tech" school are ridiculous and eliminate you from any credible GPA conversation. take away lunch and study hall to cheat the system and get a 7.3 or some Ish. get outta here, good luck in med school

braasilianx0 4

like I said just google it ;)

byee u have a good day too! And Op stopp being so cheap

Wait i just notices you said byee then kept commiting???

yeah we have technical high schools where I live too. but the courses they offer there certainly won't get you into med school. i'm in pre-med now and I can guarantee you that if you want to get into a good program then you shouldn't be wasting your time taking hairdressing courses.

braasilianx0 4

oh really? how are you so sure? i have a cousin who went to a tech school for fashion marketing. she's now a plastic surgeon. it's possible, trust me, I've spoken with my counselor. anything is possible if you work hard for it.

I completely agree!!! besides you can't jump from high school to med school just like that. regardless if your schooling was a tech school...

braasilianx0 4

but when did I say I was jumping to it lol. I said after I graduate I plan on doing that. I know it takes time, lots of time. :)

you implied it in your earlier post.

braasilianx0 4

you came out of nowhere. who are you lmao. I never said I'm going straight to medical school. I said I want to go to med school. obviously you don't go straight to med school. cmon now

annonomusCG 0

what. a hairdresser going to medical school. haha try again. you're not fooling me...

270, you actually did say that you were going to jump straight in by saying it's what you will do after graduating, but failing to mention. the course you will have to do prior to even starting med school, which is a world constant. Please let us know of you ever do become a doctor, because I'm going to have to call bull on your plans and the story of your cousin until I see tangible proof.

wow you're really mature. Baha last time I checked I have the right to comment when ever I feel like it. who are you? a pathetic little hairdresser who thinks that she is going to med school Bc she has a high gpa. oh and I'm just a pre med psychology major at Baylor university with a 4.0. so clearly I'm ahead of you on actually getting to med school. I was just asking if it was different in brazil Bc I thought it was sweet and crazy that you could skip 4 years and jump right in to med school. chill the eff out, dont be mad that you were corrected in your post. you 'hope' to go to med school. not that you are going to med school as of right now. :)

Hahaha made me LOL. Funny how the hairdresser also knows what a "GPA" is ;)

at this point after reading all the comments i dont even remember what the FML was about...

Something to do with hairdressing lemons, i think. I forgot, and all the popcorn i ate is making me sleepy.

agaba 0

yea thats why i dont lay down in an area for too long or random creeper will rape you with his explosive "body" haha

astarwarsfan 0

don't you mean dumbasssssssssss?

Um I guess that makes me a dumbass too... it totally works for me, and I never had any bugs in my hair. I've been doing the lemon juice thing for years!

eminemchick 19

143 -your picture is so amazingly fantastic my eyes still hurt from the awesome

make sure to get them out (duh) but if u dont they tend crawl into your ears. It sucks....


this honestly disgusts me.. how long were you sleeping??

OhDangLetsBangBa 0

she said she laid out, nothing about sleeping?

KennKenn 0

Might find some bird eggs in there too.

lol i wanna feel bad but wut did u expect to happen? anyways good luck with ur hair :)

fmlluver1415 6

obioudly she expected highlights duhhhh

When they're username is "fmlluver", I wouldn't expect much from the spelling/ grammar in their comments, either.

what I find funny is I didn't even notice he spelt obviously wrong XP

you don't sound like a very good hair dresser. Look it up online. Lemon juice naturally lightens hair over time, if you do it a couple times and have dirty blonde to light brown hair.

108- I was waiting for someone to correct that for me, thank you.

sweetblossom247 6

yea go take a shower. ur retarted

obviously you are, because it wouldn't be, 'ur', it'd be, 'you're'. you know, for YOU ARE. wow

128- says the person with a hello kitty picture

You forgot to bone them for the "retarted" kitty cat. I'm guessing you're just smart enough to catch the stupidly obvious grammar mistakes.

Hey, he's a "retart." What did you expect? :P

You didn't think that through very well. It sucks that you have bugs in your hair, but you should have been more careful. Spring for actual highlights next time.

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Zombieslayer1 0

Anybody else notice that 11 and 9 were repeated?

Zombieslayer1 0

Okay, never mind my iPod is just ******. Sorry for pointing something out that wasn't there:(