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Today, I lost my virginity. In the middle of it, he just gave up and said he wasn't in the mood anymore. Then I had to listen about his past failed relationships for over an hour. FML
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And he wonders why his other relationships have failed...


Guys like that suck. Try and talk to him about it? Sorry OP!

Talking to him about things is the basic problem of this FML so I'm not sure that's good advice. He'll probably just end up whining again

Yet were jackasses if we don't want to listen to you talk about your past relationships

You're missing the whole point in this FML...

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There is a time and a place for this kind of things, and that? That wasn't it.

he clearly had a break down, what is the appropriate time and place for that?

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Well, that deescalated quickly...

That's harsh. The first time should be something special. I hope you could sort it out and will try again successfully OP :) good luck

Everybody says it should be special but every person I've ever asked about their first time has said it was a mistake and they regret it. It seems like everybody wants it to be special but nobody is willing to wait and make sure it will be. Or they just get caught up in the moment and stop giving a shit about it for a brief time.

I don't regret it, but it wasn't special at all. Hell we didn't even finish cause her mom came home early... Oh well live and learn from it .

My first time was amazing and 7 years later we got married. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but you don't always know until after. Most likely if you barely know the guy and he's pressuring you, it may not be the "special" time you were hoping for.

well not even the first time *has* to be special. thats just what society tells you

My first time wasn't necessarily special because of the way it happened, It was special because of who it was with.

26- I agree. It'd be nice for it to be special and all, but my first time wasn't and it doesn't bother me

The first time is usually really awkward anyways. Mine was. And I'm not with the guy anymore, but I honestly don't regret it. I mean, I still love him and all, and he and I will always have that sort of special connection. There's way too much pressure on the "first time", like it has to magical or something. It really doesn't, as long as you lose it to the right person.

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So true #14, everyone always regrets it.

My first time was nothing special, we were both very intoxicated. It's different for everyone, some people care about it being special and others don't. Society makes everyone think that their first time has to be special and odds are, it probably won't be. Yeah, I might not remember mine, but I don't regret it.

I am not sure of anyone that had a special first time. It is normally awkward and you can remember it as being special,eventful, or just plain strange. Being special on the first time is a rare fairy tale. Not to mention it usually painful for a woman's first time. (not always or everyone's so don't scream at me.)

#14; some people are willing to wait though. Myself, for example. I'm 19, and I'm still a virgin. It doesn't bother me. If it happens, it happens; if it doesn't, so be it. I do have a boyfriend but we haven't really spent any nights together, so.. But he did tell me he wanted to make it special with candles etc. I just think there are too many people who wanna rush things because of the fear they "don't fit in with their friends" and stuff :/ it's a shame if you ask me.. You only have one life, you should be able to live it in a nice way, without rushing things and without having any regrets..

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uh. my first time was with my now husband. It was not special at all. we laugh about it now. I'm pretty sure that's the general story, really.

I lost my virginity at 15. Why? because it felt right. He seemed like "the one" and I was madly in love. Even if it wasn't as good as it turned out to be, it still would have been special because he was special to me. Now almost a decade later I'm still just as madly in love if not more. My story is very few and far between so it's never a guarantee but we get lucky every now and again. Don't worry what your friends or peers think, do what you feel is right.

And he wonders why his other relationships have failed...

I think I know why his past relationships failed.

He sounds too negative and moody to even consider the methods if she tries.

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Try curry, that's supposed to be pretty spicy.

Some really hot Jalapeño sauce on his dick would certainly spice things up...

Really?? Ohh, so that's why this is an FML post

I honestly don't know why you are being thumbed down. This has to be one of the best replies on here haha.

That's very disrespectful especially since it's your first time. Many people like for it to be special. He clearly doesn't give a shit about that. What a prick.

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Well its not always going to be special. Society fooled you and he is not a prick.

No, society didn't fool me. That's just how I feel. Maybe she does, too. I didn't say everyone looks at the first time to be something special, but if someone does, there's no reason to get all moody and whiny and ruin it for him/her. Plus talking about past relationships right after sex? That just adds to it. He's a prick because he doesn't consider her feelings. It's all about him and his negative behavior.

so because he stopped being in the mood he's an asshole? lol cut the guy some slack sheesh, and why is it just about the girl "me me me me" it should be for both the guy and girl.

It's her first time! If she wanted it to be special, it shouldn't be ruined. It would be ok if she wasn't losing her virginity. I'm not at all saying it's all about the girl. I'm saying her beautiful moment shouldn't be thrown out the window because he has a bad attitude.