By elmalo68 - 20/09/2009 01:22 - United States

Today, I must find a gentle way to tell my 71-year-old mother that she's too old to be wearing shirts that expose her belly. FML
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FYL indeed. TBH thats pretty nasty... (:


YDI for caring about appearance

UFO for not realizing how hot your mom is -*cougar roar*

#8 She is 71 she can care about appearances if she wants. OP just tell her that it is inappropriate or only buy her clothes that cover her stomach.

FYL indeed. TBH thats pretty nasty... (:

damn girl you're sexy

more asain and it would b better

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I know it is gross but if it makes her happy then you don't have a right to tell her what to wear. Who does she have to impress? She might just want to feel younger and happier. I think you should not tell her, unless you are going out somewhere nice. But other than that, what right do you have to tell your grandmother what to wear?

I agree with #3. Don't worry about it unless your going out somewhere fancy. If she wants to wear it, then let it be.

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I agree. But it's her mother, not her grandmother. I think grandmother would be worse :P

"...I told her put an extra layer on I know what happens when she drinks Patrone Her closet’s missing half the things she’s bought Ya Tequila makes her clothes fall off..." Or, at least, get skimpier

uhmm you have fun with that.

Why? Let her wear what she wants. If people frown upon it, then it's their problem. You shouldn't tell your mom what to wear 0o What if she old you you were too fat to wear white clothes, and you should stick with black? You wouldn't want her to tell you what to wear.

maybe she wants to keep her mom from being embarrassed?

Maybe she should realize her 71-year old mom is old enough to take care of herself?

old people don't always notice when they do embarrassing things.

36- If they don't 'notice' they're doing embarrassing things, they wouldn't be embarrassed by them. If it makes her happy, let it be. She's 71, it's her life, let her live it the way she wants to. I think the OP should only bring it up if they're going somewhere fancy or sophisticated and she tries wearing it.

Oh jeez. 69 once again >.<

I guess I should point out that when you make even more explicit the fact that you got comment #69 it makes you sound like a child. But if you're already doing something, then you obviously wouldn't know or care how embarrassing it is. Wouldn't the world be a fantastic place if there was nobody to point out our mistakes?

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lol unless shes extrremely fat or something i suggest telling her.. or let her be :)

Say "Ay bitch take off yo skanky ass shirt and go put on some grandma shirts n shit or else"

awwww thats cute, yet creepy at the same time. its funny when old people try and dress young

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i am assuming the skirts are tight and short then too? eeeeeewwwwww; gotta give her props for her confidence level though.