By needsomelove - France

Running gag

  Today, my boyfriend and I tried to have sex. Foreplay was amazing, but as soon as he started to get it in, he lost his erection because he was too nervous. He's a 30-year-old virgin and this has happened at least 10 times. FML
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  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

I agree, the key is to reduce the pressure on him. What you can maybe do is to tell him 'No penetration tonight' and if it happens, it happens. You can also maybe try tantric sex techniques. Maybe try extensive foreplay on him as well, to take his mind off it. If he is great at doing foreplay, it means that he is extremely focused on you and your pleasure, hence the stress on his side. You need to tell him it is OK, he does not always have to be the perfect lover.
Alternatively, you can try erection pills..

By  Jonkbaby  |  20

its a lot of pressure. dont be afraid to try different thibgs, and dont take it personally. this is not only a special and new experience for him but for both of you

  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

You really should change your username to 'uninformed'. Do you know the tale of the rabbit and the tortoise having a race? Well, OP mentions that her boyfriend is already consummately skilled at foreplay. One day soon he will get over his anxiety and then he will be shagging rings around the likes of you.

By  Sheila Deville  |  15

That's an amazing amount of pressure on him. Just remind him that "good" & "bad" don't exist in that moment. You will enjoy yourself no matter what, just knowing he has chosen to be so open with you makes him completely enjoyable😁

By  J15237  |  25

If he is a serious boyfriend that you want to really have a future with I would just say its okay and try to get him to go to a doctor. Make sure everything is working okay in his department. Maybe get some pills for him. Be supportive especially if this is a guy who outside of the bedroom is great for your life long term.