By jesuscrip - United States - Orrville
Today, working at a fast food restaurant, I saw a woman in her late thirties pull out some hair and put it in her food, then threaten to sue me and the restaurant. She also told me no one would believe me, a teenager, when I told her I saw her put it there. FML
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  thekyledavid  |  13

If the DNA test proved that the hair belonged to the customer, than the customer would most likely have to pay the court costs and DNA testing costs for filing a frivolous lawsuit

  CaptMacLeod  |  45

I doubt she's actually going to sue; it takes money (and a relative guarantee of success) to get a lawyer to tangle with the law firm(s) a major chain has. She was after a free meal. When she didn't immediately get offered a refund, she went to the "I'm going to sue!" card, hoping a manager would cave in the name of customer service/lawsuit avoidance.

As was said below, do you have cameras in the area she planted the hair in?

  sylvienoir  |  18

Why would there be a law against that? If a fast food place causes damages they should pay for it.
EVERYONE is eligible to be sued. The president, celebrities, corporations, your neighbor.


I had this exact thing happen when I was a server back in high school. It was a man that did it and when he started yelling and cursing me out over his own hair, my manager banned him from the store and called the police. Nuts that people that for a free meal.

By  rikkirauha  |  20

Unfortunately, a lot of people are willing to go to such a low level just to get some money. I suggest you tell your boss you saw her put the hair there. I'm pretty sure he would believe you if the woman is making such a big deal over a hair.

  Rodville  |  28

Yep they are. Like 15 years ago a family spent all day at Disney and then at the end of the day they came in saying their son was burned by a light that was lighting a tree by the parade. They wanted free tickets for the next day to make it right. When we looked at the camera we saw him take out a screwdriver remove the shield and hold his kids hand on the hot light.

All he got was arrested for child abuse. Working there killed my hope for humanity.